Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Boycotted Over Comments On Israel-Hamas War

Fans Threaten To Boycott Rare Beauty 46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>Selena Gomez is seen at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in Los Angeles46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/h2>

After her recent announcement that she is deleting Instagram, fans flooded Gomez’s business page46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/a>, which is still active, threatening to boycott the beauty brand.46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

Under the latest post on the business page, a person wrote, “Kindness b——! Boycott rare beauty for no humanity.”46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

Another person commented, “‘I wish I could change the world, but a post won’t.’ Fine, you guys (are) still running the business by a post.” 46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

A third person said, “Um no ma’am. I will no longer buy this brand until your CEO is replaced with someone who believes in human rights for all.”46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

Selena Gomez at the 2nd Annual Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Gala MEGA(/46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/caption)

“I hope you lose all your followers. I’m unliking all your pictures… what’s the purpose of having a voice if you are not going to use it anyways… not that you sing pretty anyways,” a fourth fan commented.46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

Amid the criticisms, some fans chose to defend Gomez, noting that she is human and can choose to take a break from social media if she wants to.46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

“People need to realize that she’s a human too… I’m sorry but yall be putting attention to the wrong things!!! What’s wrong with (you) all? Have yall seen the videos? KIDS WITH THEIR BRAINS OUT!!!! I’m sorry, but I would take a break from social media too.”46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

They continued, “It’s not about support this or that it’s innocent humans being murdered on both sides. No matter what she said she (was) always gonna get criticized, judged or canceled. Leave her alone omg.”46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

Selena Gomez Says Instagram Is ‘Destroying’ Her ‘Generation’46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/h2>
Selena Gomez's Morning Routine Includes This $12 Product For Smooth And Shiney Hair MEGA(/46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/caption)

Despite being the most followed woman on Instagram, Gomez regularly takes a break from the app for her mental health.46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

During an interview with 46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>Dazed46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/em>46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/a> in 202046796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>, 46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/em>Gomez was asked if she would get rid of Instagram if she could with the “hit of a button.”46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

Gomez said, “Oh gosh! I think I’d have a lot of people not liking me for saying yes. If I could find a balanced, happy medium that would be great, but I would be lying if I said that it isn’t destroying some of my generation, their identity.”46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

She added, “What I do now is to only go on it when I feel like I need to, and then I’ll just log off, I won’t take time to explore or look at anything else.”46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

The “Slow Down” singer also shared how she copes with criticism online, noting that she does not “read” the comments.46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

“Well, I don’t read anything, I don’t read any single thing,” Gomez said. “That’s been kind of hard because I was used to reading everything for so long. But I don’t, and I mean that.”46796/britney-spears-advisors-feared-singer-would-die-without-treatment/span>

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