Sean Connery’s Shocking Remarks on Slapping Women Resurface

Sean Connery‘s controversial video about slapping women has resurfaced again on TikTok.

Back in 1965, he told Playboy that “there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman” if the situation called for it. Then, in 1987, he doubled down on his comments in an interview with Barbara Walters, telling her he had not changed his opinion.

The footage of that interview has now been recirculated on the video-sharing platform. It has got fans talking about the late actor and how he would have been canceled if he had made the remarks in this era.

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‘I Haven’t Changed My Opinion’

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Connery’s interview with Barbara Walters, where he doubled down on his remarks about slapping a woman, has resurfaced on TikTok.

The video, which was shared by a user with the tag dbpmedia, showed the famous actor saying he had not changed his opinion about how “there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman.”

“I haven’t changed my opinion… If you have tried everything else—and women are pretty good at this—they can’t leave it alone,” Connery said at the time.

He added, “They want to have the last word and you give them the last word, but they’re not happy with the last word. They want to say it again and get into a really provocative situation, then I think it’s absolutely right.”

At the time, he also mentioned how he doesn’t like playing golf with another woman, regardless of her skills, and instead finds “pleasure” playing the sport in the company of other men.

Fans Have A Heated Debate Over Sean Connery’s Remark

Sean Connery

Connery’s comments ignited a heated debate within the comments section, pitting those who saw no issue with the late actor’s statement against others who perceived his words as endorsing violence against women.

A TikTok user said, “This was before cancel culture. You could speak the truth. Wild times, I know,” to which another user replied, “‘The truth?’ You condone violence against women?”

Another user said, “I don’t know about cancel culture, but I disagree with him. Real men don’t hit woman (sic) unless…they are physically assaulting you.”

Sean Connery's Resurfaced Remarks On Slapping Women Causes Heated Debate On TikTok

One other person said, “Sean staying a king. He simple (sic) answered honestly!”

A fifth person called out the late actor, saying, “I remember this interview, and that is when I lost respect for him. Coward.”

Some fans also took a neutral side and asked that Connery be allowed to rest in peace.

A follower said, “Can’t play an interview from 40 years ago and criticize under today’s standards. You leave Mr. Bond the f*ck alone. Let the man Rest in Peace.”

Sean Connery Explains’ Slap’ Comment

Sean Connery's Resurfaced Remarks On Slapping Women Causes Heated Debate On TikTok

In an interview with Vanity Fair in 1993, Connery put some context to his remarks in the controversial video and Playboy Magazine.

According to People, he said at the time, “I was really saying that to slap a woman was not the crudest thing you can do to her. …Sometimes there are women who take it to the wire. That’s what they’re looking for, the ultimate confrontation—they want a smack.”

Connery later appeared to retract his statements and even claimed that they were misconstrued, perhaps due to the changing times,

“My view is I don’t believe that any level of abuse against women is ever justified under any circumstances. Full stop,” the late actor remarked in an interview with the Times of London in 2006.

Sean Connery’s Legacy

Sean Connery's Resurfaced Remarks On Slapping Women Causes Heated Debate On TikTok

With a career spanning several decades, Connery is best known for portraying James Bond, a character that became synonymous with his name.

He took on the role in several early franchise films like “Dr. No” (1962), “From Russia with Love” (1963), and “Goldfinger” (1964), along with four other installments.

Connery also starred in other iconic movies like “The Untouchables” (1987), which bagged him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” (1989), where he played Indiana Jones’ father.

In 2011, Connery passed away at the age of 90. The circumstances of his passing remained unclear, as no official cause of death was disclosed.

At the time of his death, he was survived by his second wife, French-Moroccan artist Micheline Roquebrune, and his two sons, Stephane and Micheline.

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