“Scream VI” has the franchise’s biggest opening weekend ever

It was a good weekend for Ghostface. “Scream VI” brought another hit for Paramount Pictures. The sixth installment of the fifth series had the franchise’s highest opening weekend ever, bringing in an estimated $44.5 million domestically, per Box Office Mojo. This sets a new opening weekend record and the franchise’s best for a slasher-horror franchise.

‘Scream VI’ is set to open big at the box office

The film comes just over a year after the fifth film, “Scream,” opened in January 2022 with $30 million for the three-day weekend and $33 million for the extended holiday weekend. Turning around a new film quickly after the fifth film was a bit of a risk, but it paid off big for Paramount and Radio Silence Productions.

Critics have been relatively positive about “Scream VI”. The film scored 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is very close to where the last film finished in 2022 (76%).

In addition to the domestic box office, the film brought in an additional $22 million overseas, bringing its current worldwide total to around $67 million. Last year’s “Scream” closed with $81 million domestically and $137 million worldwide. So “Scream VI” means a lot more right now. So the future of the “Scream” franchise looks bright right now if the studio wants to continue with more films.

Jenna Ortega - Scream VI World Premiere

The continuation was also a subject of debate. As previously reported by The Blast, longtime star of the franchise Neve Campbell decided to sit out the sixth film as she was not satisfied with the payment she was offered for the latest installment. comment PeopleCampbell stated, “I didn’t feel like what they were offering me was equal to the value that I bring to this franchise and that I’ve brought to this franchise for 25 years.” As a result, Campbell’s Sidney Prescott did not appear in the film and is only mentioned throughout the film. However, Courteney Cox, who has appeared in all parts of the franchise, returned for the sixth film as Gale Weathers.

“Creed III” also performed well at the box office over the weekend. The film finished at No. 2 and earned an additional $27 million, bringing its current total to $101 million domestically and $179 million worldwide. 2018’s “Creed II” closed with $115 million domestically and $214 million worldwide. “Creed III” will eclipse that number in the next two weeks. The original “Creed” finished with $109 million domestically and $173 million worldwide, so “Creed III” has already surpassed the first installment’s worldwide total.

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Sony’s new sci-fi film ’65’, starring Adam Driver, came in at No. 3. The film opened to $12.3 million after being torn apart by critics, scoring 36%. Rotten tomatoes. Considering the film’s $45 million budget, it’s going to need a decent amount of persistence in the coming weeks to make a return.

Scream VI Starring: Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Dermot Mulroney, Cast: Hayden Panettiere, Mason Gooding, Jack Champions, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Josh Segarra, and also the aforementioned Cox. It’s playing in theaters now.

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