Scheana Shay hanging out with Tom Sandoval under fire

Tom Schwartz and Scheana Shay they face backlash for being friendly with the disgraced co-star With Tom Sandow during the cast’s trip to Lake Tahoe to film Season 11 of “Vanderpump Rules.”

Fans expressed their disappointment, citing Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ past relationship. Some speculated financial incentives influenced their reunion.

Ariana Madix refused to film with Sando and Leviss, claiming that they are not part of the real group of friends.

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Tom Schwartz, Scheana Shay Hangouts with Tom Sandoval

Scheana Shay at the 2022 ACM Awards

Tom Schwartz and Scheana Shay recently faced criticism for their seemingly close relationship with disgraced “Vanderpump Rules” co-star Tom Sando.

Based on Page sixthe trio embarked on a cast trip to scenic Lake Tahoe, California, where the 11th season of “Vanderpump Rules” is currently being filmed.

They shared a glimpse of their getaway on Shay’s Instagram Stories page, where a video captured the group’s gleeful laughter on the way to Lisa Vanderpump’s new restaurant Wolf. Interestingly, fans could detect Sandoval’s presence in the group based on his voice in the background of the recording.

Fans shout out Tom Schwartz and Scheana Shay


Many fans expressed their disappointment with how warmly the “Vanderpump Rules” stars embraced Sandoval, especially after he cheated on their close friend Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss.

A fan account tweeted a clip of the meeting with the caption: “Is that Sandoval’s voice??? I guess all is forgiven,” he quips about his “scandoval” relationship with Leviss.

Some fans couldn’t help but notice the seemingly comfortable dynamic between the group as if nothing had happened.

One man commented“Otherwise with Sh*tSandwichSando, the group sounds pretty comfortable, like nothing happened,” while another wrote“And if all is forgiven, I’m not going to watch Vanderpump Rules.”

Some fans speculated that the “VPR” stars’ hefty paychecks from the reality TV network may have influenced their reunion with the disgraced bar owner. A third viewer he noted“He must have been highly paid…” suggesting that financial incentives may be at play.

One fan claimed the friendship outing was no surprise because neither of them was “ride or die” for Madix. OK wrote, “The fact that anyone thought Sandoval would be ousted for good is hilarious. They all cheated and none of them rode or died for Ariana.

Ariana Madix says she won’t be filming with Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss

Ariana Madix hints at 'Love Island USA' appearance in cryptic TikTok post

Based on Page sixShay previously made it clear that she has no interest in sharing screen time with Sando or Leviss, 28, who is still in talks with Bravo.

“I can photograph it (we shoot together) because I had to photograph it. That’s the name of the game. But I can’t imagine what kind of event this will be at. It has to be something hosted by Lisa Vanderpump,” Shay revealed Us Weekly back in May.

He added with a hint of humor: “(Because) they don’t get invited to any birthday parties, that’s for sure.”

On the other hand, Madix had a short and direct answer when asked about filming with Leviss and Sandoval. “I have nothing to say to them,” Madix stated, leaving no room for ambiguity. “Our show is very real and it follows a real group of friends and none of them are in the group of friends, so good luck,” joked the New York Times.

Raquel Leviss spends time with her family in Tucson

Raquel Leviss is reportedly now going by the name Rachel due to therapy at a mental health facility

Leviss, on the other hand, made his first appearance after a stint in a mental health facility, but he’s not joining the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ crew at Lake Tahoe. Instead, the 28-year-old reality star was spotted in Tucson, Ariz., spending time with family on Tuesday, despite sources saying she could join the cast tour for the right amount of compensation.

He got the photos Page six show Leviss wearing a baseball cap with the uplifting message “Be a good person”. Her casual outfit consisted of an oversized white t-shirt, a stylish striped blouse, black shorts and comfortable Nike trainers.

Leviss is currently renegotiating his contract with “VPR” for better pay. Still a recent report TMZ claims that the model is “contractually obligated” to appear in the new season whether she likes the pay or not. However, if a doctor decides it will affect his mental health, Leviss could be off the show.

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