Scarlett Johansson says she doesn’t use social media

Scarlett Johansson has no interest in being an internet personality!

The Hollywood sensation has been heralded as a box-office superstar who touches the hearts of millions through entertainment. The 38-year-old woman is one of the most influential people in the world with various accolades to her name.

Although his co-stars have often connected with their fans through social media, the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” star avoids these platforms for good reason. Would you like to know why? Keep scrolling to find out!

Scarlett Johansson reveals she doesn’t use social media

During a recent appearance “The skinny is confidential to him and her” podcast, the New York girl got candid about her absence from social media platforms. Despite being known for playing badass female characters, the host did not share their trust.

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“To be honest, I’m too fragile for social media,” the mother-of-two admitted. “My ego is too fragile. I can’t do anything about it. My brain is too weak; I am like a delicate flower.

The two-time Oscar nominee noted that she had enough anxiety without dealing with the drama on social media. The ‘Lucy’ actress says her brief encounter with photo-sharing apps like Instagram revealed a different side of herself.

Johansson admitted that she considered joining the popular site, but changed her mind after three days due to its addictive nature. The TV personality said: “I started to realize that I had spent 20 minutes looking at the Instagram page of someone who worked for a friend of mine.”

“Now I know he has a pit bull, two daughters, and lives in Burbank — I was like, I only wasted 17 minutes with him,” he continued. “Now I feel like I should move to California and get this particular dog and change my life in all the ways that felt so wrong.”

Given his poor track record with social media, it was understandable that the Tony Award winner would honor the addictive platforms. However, it was impossible not to be seduced by these sites and their fun features.

Although she didn’t have a personal account, the “Ghost in the Shell” star admitted she got her dose of social media hilarity through her skincare brand The Outset, Instagram and TikTok accounts.

“Then I’ll be like a three-year-old with their mother’s phone and I’ll be completely absorbed. So that’s why I know I can’t get it,” the entrepreneur joked. Despite staying off social media, her absence hasn’t stopped the 38-year-old from attracting attention.

Johansson has been described by many as a sex symbol, with sensual appeal and flawless beauty as her title. However, the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” star did not enjoy the public eye.

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“It can be irritating, yes.” I mean, it’s part of the gig, I guess. It’s irritating and part of the concert,” lamented the blonde bombshell. “If people are respectful, that’s fine, but if someone is rude and obnoxious, yes. That would irritate anyone.”

The British Academy Film Award winner revealed that she was ‘groomed’ as a young actress

As previously shared by The Blast, Johansson revealed that it was designed to depict the image of a sex symbol. The actress’ confessions on iHeartRadio’s “Table for Two” podcast took place in 2022.

The “We Bought A Zoo” star revealed that as a young actress, her former management pushed her to accept roles that focused on her physical appearance. In the words of the presenter:

“I was groomed to be what you call this bombshell type of actor. I was playing the other woman and this object of desire, and you know, all of a sudden I found myself cornered in this place, like I couldn’t get out of it.

Scarlett Johansson poses

Growing up, the 38-year-old realized she couldn’t build a career on her attractiveness, as beauty doesn’t last forever. “I think for a bombshell (role) like that, that burns bright and fast, and then you don’t have a lot of options outside of that,” the host explained.

“I just felt like I was burning out so quickly,” the SAG nominee continued, noting that motherhood has influenced the roles she’s taken on. The “Black Widow” star wanted to teach her children the importance of doing work that “provides satisfaction.”

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