Savannah Chrisley Says Rogue Prison Administrator Reached Out

Savannah Chrisley‘s ongoing fight to raise awareness about her parents’ alleged horrible prison conditions has been confirmed by a whistleblower.

Following Todd and Julie Chrisley‘s incarceration on fraud and tax evasion charges, their daughter actively spread the word of their suffering behind bars. Months after she began campaigning for prison reforms, an alleged prison staff echoed similar sentiments about the inhumane treatment.

Whistleblower Sends Email To Savannah Chrisley Exposing The Dire Truth Inside Prisons

Todd & Julie Chrisley at Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye Benefit Concert

The bombshell news surprisingly came through Todd’s Instagram page despite the patriarch’s current stay at Florida’s Federal Prison Camp in Pensacola.

The correspondence, dated September 16, 2023, was written by an administrative employee from Pensacola’s prison. The individual claimed they worked with three wardens to date, yet the “inhumane conditions” they were forced to stomach had only increased.

According to the whistleblower, the prison recently experienced a COVID-19 outbreak. Despite having a severe crisis, higher-ups allegedly refused to share the news out of fear of losing their contract with the Navy.

“Adding insult to injury, Covid is back on our campground with multiple confirmed cases, not just the one reported online,” the prison staff revealed. “But our executive staff is determined to keep hush about Covid because addressing the problem would jeopardize our contract with the Navy.”

“I disagree because this type of thinking places staff members like myself in harm’s way. Even at this very moment, there is cross-contamination between inmates with Covid and the general population every time the inmates with Covid use the phone room,” the anonymous writer stressed. 

Todd Chrisley prison condition
Instagram | Todd Chrisley

Sadly, the dilemma did not end there, as the aggrieved correspondent noted Pensacola’s prison was neither safe for inmates nor staff members. The employee claimed: “My co-workers and I are working in conditions that keep myself and all staff vulnerable to respiratory issues because of the black mold that is out of control.”

“The air conditioning barely works in some buildings and not at all in others,” the prison staffer wailed. The employee claimed the prison’s chaplain recently retired because of the lack of air conditioning in the Chapel and her office.

Additionally, the situation significantly worsened with the ongoing heat wave as only a few portable air conditioning units were available to cool off the building. According to the prison staff, the Navy condemned the building following 2020’s Hurricane Sally.

Despite these problems, the warden’s response to the out-of-control black mold was to use chlorine to combat the problem. However, the task was allegedly passed to prison inmates. Recalling the consequences of this action, the letter writer penned:

“I was told that inmates experienced skin burns. Several staff members, myself included, had to leave the building because the raw chlorine caused eye irritation and difficulty breathing.”

A brave employee filed an OSHA complaint about the incident, seeking justice for the injured inmates. Unfortunately, the warden discovered their identity and issued a disciplinary action to shut them up. In another case, the warden’s efforts to defeat the black mold by using staffers resulted in spores spreading throughout the medical department.

Todd Chrisley prison condition
Instagram | Todd Chrisley

Lamenting their situation, the writer declared: “What’s crazy to me is that both the BOP and the Navy allow us to work and operate in these conditions that directly place us in harm’s way.” Per the administrative staff, the dangers included “potential lung cancer, mesothelioma, lead poisoning, red eyes, skin rash, and congestion.”

The alleged discrimination extended to sexual harassment, as the anonymous writer stated a corrections officer had repeatedly been accused of preying on inmates.

“The union is supposed to protect and represent our best interests. The union is supposed to ensure that we’re treated fairly and right. Our camp is another Camp Lejune waiting to happen. PLEASE HELP!” The correspondent concluded their letter.

In the tell-all post’s caption, Savannah revealed the shocking message had been emailed to her. “Imagine this: the irony of a government shutdown looming, and I receive an anonymous email from a staff at @bureauofprisons FPC Pensacola voicing their concern about inhumane working conditions,” the reality TV star penned.

“Now, if the conditions are inhumane for staff, they must be inhumane for the inmates, too. How could THE WARDEN let this happen? What is the union going to do about it? Is the media @apnews @foxnews @cnn reporting on these conditions affecting staff & inmates?” Savannah wondered.

Julie Chrisley Living Among Rattlesnakes

In July, Savannah and her brother Chase addressed the poor conditions of their parents’ prison stay during an episode of “Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley.”

The Chrisley family

Using the word “nightmare,” the older son recalled, “Now they both have no air conditioning … they’re both in states where it gets 100 plus degrees, and there’s no air conditioning.”

He added that his mother lived among poisonous snakes in her prison at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky. “She has rattlesnakes just casually slithering on the floor in front of her,” he said. “right there where her bed is.”

“I don’t care if you killed somebody – if you’re in a government facility, you should have air conditioning. That’s just, like, ridiculous,” Chase stated. “It’s not ‘Fear Factor.”

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