Sarah Michelle Gellar landed herself in legal hot water at age 5

Sarah Michelle Gellar has spoken candidly about her first legal battle at a young age.

The iconic screen goddess found herself in the middle of the fast food wars at the age of five when she appeared in a 1981 Burger King ad campaign. During a recent media interview, he recalled the moment, which included details about how he came up with the fast. The food giant has made their burgers so inviting.

Sarah Michelle Gellar now finds her legal battle at age five funny

Although now 45, Gellar will never forget when Burger King sued her and her advertising agency in the 1980s. The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star reflected on the moment while watching a clip of herself in an ad for the famous hamburger fast food chain.

“This is really funny. This big campaign I did for Burger King and I was five years old,” Gellar told BuzzFeed UK. Ada Enechi. Elaborating further, the Scooby-Doo star said:

“I was the first person to say another contestant’s name in a job. So McDonald’s turned around and sued the ad agency, Burger King and me at five.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Netflix's Do Revenge - Los Angeles Premiere

Gellar also admitted in a 2004 interview that while “forbidden is a strong word,” she was not allowed to eat at McDonald’s during the food war. Despite the legal tangle, the one thing that stood out about the Daytime Emmy winner was her desire for fast food, though she admitted she didn’t eat much of it when she was younger. HE said For Enechin:

“When we were there, all I wanted was a hamburger. I was very excited because my mom said I could eat the hamburger.

Another thing that stood out for the “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” actress was discovering how Burger King has so subtly put their signature staple in the ads. He said he learned that “all the cores are glued on to make it look perfect and beautiful, and then they cover it with shellac and paint it,” leading him to conclude that “the TV isn’t real.”

Since her time on the campaign, Gellar has overcome many obstacles in her career, including working with an “extremely toxic male cast.” Last December, The Blast shared this the breast cancer awareness advocate revealed details of the aforementioned characters during an appearance at a seminar last year. In his words:

“I was on a set for so long that I think was an extremely toxic male set, and so it got into my head that all sets are like that, and that the women were pitted against each other—that when the women became friends, then we became too powerful, so you had to keep this down.”


She quickly realized “how easy it can be” after having the opportunity to work with many other women and men who were also supporting women. “Unfortunately, we’re still in a place where a lot of times all the departments have to be women to have a voice,” Gellar said.

Foodstirs co-founder joins ‘Wolf Pack’ team as lead star and executive producer

In July 2022, The Blast noted that Gellar had returned to fan screens in the new Paramount+ series ‘Wolf Pack’. The supernatural teen drama, created by writer Jeff Davis, centers around werewolves in Edo van Belkom’s 2004 book of the same name.

Regarding Gellar’s participation in the series as part of the Comic-Con panel, Davis disclosed, “Everyone knows that ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ was a huge influence on ‘Teen Wolf,’ so I’ve always thought it would be amazing to bring Sarah Michelle Gellar back to a horror show.

The actress soon joined Davis and the other panelists — Tyler Hoechlin and Tyler Posey — and joked that Tyler was changing her name to Michelle to blend in with them. Gellar then shared:

“Everything these guys said about family and the vibe of Jeff’s show is really true. I hope they will join us.”

“Wolf Pack” premiered on January 26 and stars Armani Jackson (Everett), Bella Shepard (Blake), Tyler Lawrence Gray (Harlan) and Chloe Rose Robertson (Luna), with Gellar also serving as an executive producer.

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