Sarah Ferguson is ready to spill the tea on a new podcast

Sarah Ferguson trades pen for microphone in her latest business gig!

The accomplished author became a member of the royal family following her marriage to Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Although the former couple no longer counts, the 63-year-old man’s title of princess is still active.

The mother of two has gained recognition through her humanitarian projects and books. Now, the media personality is adding to her accomplishments by joining the growing list of celebrity podcasters.

Sarah Ferguson has announced a new podcast with her old friend

In the latest Instagram The “Her Heart for a Compass” author revealed that she will be honest about her life and more in a new business venture, the podcast “Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah”.

Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson arrives for an appearance at The View in New York

He shared a promotional picture for the upcoming program with friend and co-host Sarah Thompson, with the pair posing in formal attire. The buddies flashed bright smiles and looked at each other as if sharing a juicy secret.

“It’s time to spill the tea… our brand new podcast ‘Tea Talks with the Duchess and Sarah’ launches next week on all streaming platforms,” ​​the royal announced in her caption before asking fans to subscribe up using the link in your bio.

The ‘A Gift of Kindness’ author may not have to worry about kicking off his concert, as fans have expressed their enthusiasm for the upcoming programme. Many commented that they were proud of the Duchess of York, while others wrote their love for the mother-of-two.

An enthusiastic fan exclaimed – I can’t wait. And it’s always so nice to hear you speak so kindly of Harry and Meghan. That’s a classy lady you are.”

Another supporter wrote: “Absolutely adore everything you do and the impact you make xxx.” A third follower chimed in: “This is going to be great; I like listening to your conversations. Good luck, cx.”

To share more details about the podcast, PEOPLE the program was revealed to be affiliated with Viral Tribe Entertainment. According to the show’s Spotify profile, the co-hosts claimed not to shy away from any topic and promised listeners “candid conversations” about their “rollercoaster” lives.

“With a cup of tea in hand, each week you’ll hear about the week’s hot topics as the hosts share their thoughts and views on everyday issues,” the site says. “The duo will be joined by special guests to share personal insights into listener dilemmas.”

“These two great friends will approach everything with contagious enthusiasm and a dose of healthy humor. The Duchess and Sarah promise to leave no stone unturned and leave no stone unturned,” concludes the statement, guaranteeing fans a hilarious podcast.

Sarah Ferguson has announced a new podcast

Those vows may not be far from the truth, as the show’s preview on Spotify captured the co-hosts breaking into fits of laughter. “It’s about the highs and lows of everyday life — yours, ours, whatever’s in the news,” Thompson said in the clip, before exclaiming, “I can’t believe you asked me that on the first podcast!”

The Duchess of York is no stranger to the world of podcasts, having appeared on a number of shows such as ‘City Island PodCast’ and ‘Tea with Twiggy’. However, his collaboration with Viral Tribe Entertainment will be his first hosting gig on the digital platform.

The humanitarian proudly embraced the “Royal Rebel” moniker

Last month, the author of ‘A Most Intriguing Lady’ – who has joined Meghan Markle as royals with their own podcasts – spoke of her publisher as a royal rebel. Speaking on ‘Good Morning Britain’, the 63-year-old spoke candidly about her nickname and how she wasn’t ashamed of it.

The mother-of-two admitted she previously vehemently denied being a rebel and refused to accept the label. “No, I’m not a rebel; I’m perfect,” the Londoner used to say. However, as he got older, the Children in Crisis founder grew comfortable with the moniker.

The duchess said she was fine with the title as she didn’t mind being ‘naughty and sassy’. The dispute over her rebel status started when the princess was not invited to her former brother-in-law’s coronation.

Sarah Ferguson has announced a new podcast

Although the humanitarian did not attend the coronation ceremony on May 6, the Freedom of the City of York recipient joined other royals for the celebratory musical celebration. it was held on coronation weekend.

Despite being sidelined from King Charles’ big day, Ferguson was in good spirits and chatted with ex-husband Prince Andrew in the royal box. There, the former couple enjoyed spectacular performances by stars such as Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

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