Samuel L. Jackson Only Signs Movie Contracts With This Clause

Juggling a career while finding enough time for family, friends, and just a few moments to relax can be near impossible but this is not the case for veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Celebrities with highly demanding jobs and a packed schedule mostly fall into this category despite having plenty of resources. Although Jackson — the highest-grossing actor of all time — should be within this bracket regarding his work/life balance, he opened up about how he managed to wiggle himself out.

Samuel L. Jackson Signs His Movie Contracts On One Condition

The 74-year-old actor’s acting resume holds a whopping 208 acting credits with blockbusters like Captain Marvel, The Avengers franchise, Jurassic Park, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, and Star Wars.

Jackson came into the limelight at 45 after appearing in the 1994 cult classic “Pulp Fiction.” He is currently starring in the Marvel series Secret Invasion and has been working on many other projects, including “Uma Thurman.”

Samuel L Jackson and wife US actress Latanya Richardson

With all these successes, one can infer that the “Oldboy” actor leads a busy work life; however, he gets some downtime by only signing contracts with a clause that allows him to play his favorite sport — golf.

The Hateful Eight star insists he must be able to play at least two days a week and revealed that production teams often have to take him to a golf course during filming to fulfill the clause. Exemplifying how it works during an interview with CNN back in 2013, he said: 

“Generally, they either move me onto a golf course so I can play or join a club so I can play, and they have to let me play at least twice a week.”

He revealed some friends in Los Angeles introduced him to the sport, but he initially refused to play with them until they finally “tricked” him into a game. “They tricked me one day and told me we were going somewhere else and we ended up at a golf course,” the “Coach Carter” actor recalled.

Speaking further, he claimed his competitive side got the better, so he decided to take up the sport and quickly became a skilled player. He said, “I didn’t like the fact that they could do something that I couldn’t and I started playing. Now they don’t play with me.”

Jackson explained why he loves the sport so much calling it the “perfect game for an only child like me.” He then added:

“Team sports people tend to blame you or somebody else, it’s always somebody else’s fault that you didn’t do this or you didn’t do that. But with this game, you get responsibility for everything you do bad, and you get all the credit for everything you do well.”

Samuel L. Jackson

The Hollywood legend found people to join him on the course even when his LA friends no longer played with him. He played games with five-time Masters winner Tiger Woods, whom he met for a round at St Andrews in Scotland, and has gone up against former presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

Samuel L. Jackson Talks About Fears Of Alzheimer’s & Growing Old

Last year, The Blast noted that while discussing his Apple TV+ series “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey,” which centers on Alzheimer’s and its effects, the “A Time To Kill” actor drew similarities between himself and the character he played. Jackson told U.K.’s i news:

“I’m getting older every day. I’m kind of old. I know a lot about getting old! I have been around for a while.”

The Oscar nominee clarified that he filmed the drama series as an ode to some of his relatives, including his mother and grandfather, falling under the deep-reaching effects of Alzheimer’s in their advanced years. He said:

“As they passed on, I just became more determined to tell this story and get it out there. And make sure people understand that the people they loved are still there, inside that person, so you can’t throw them away. You have to care for them and love them as if they’re still contributing to your life.”

Jackson also revealed that while “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” might appear to be a cinematic tribute to Alzheimer’s dementia, the project also has a sci-fi angle to the series. 

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