Samuel L. Jackson, his wife is said to be arguing at the awards ceremony

Actor Samuel L. Jackson and his spouse, director LaTanya Richardson Jacksonthey allegedly got into an argument during an outing on Monday night.

The pair appeared at the Theater Communications Group gala held in their honor, but spent part of the event bickering in the press room.

In the end, Samuel didn’t stay until the end of the event, so his wife could accept the award for both of them. LaTanya later explained that Samuel left due to COVID-19 issues.

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Samuel L. Jackson had an argument with his wife

Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson attend the

Based on Page sixSamuel and his wife LaTanya reportedly got into an angry exchange during their appearance at the Theater Communications Group gala on Monday.

A source told the publication that the celebrity duo had an argument in the press room at Midtown’s Edison Ballroom. However, it was not clear what they were arguing about.

Another source shared that Samuel looked “annoyed,” suggesting that the heated conversation with his wife put him in a bad mood.

“Apparently they had an argument when they arrived. They posed for pictures together and then the fight (went on),” said an insider who attended the night event.

The “Pulp Fiction” star abruptly left the gathering, perhaps to go home, but one event organizer said he never intended to stay that long. LaTanya ended up accepting the honor alone from former Miss America Vanessa Williams.

Samuel L. Jackson reportedly left due to COVID issues

Samuel L. Jackson a

Sources, via Page sixit is later revealed that LaTanya explained Samuel’s absence by saying that “her husband left the event due to concerns about COVID-19.”

A representative of the gala also expressed the same feelings as the female director regarding her husband’s departure.

“As the top star of The Piano Lesson, Mr. Jackson is extremely cautious about the risk of jeopardizing the production by exposing himself to COVID-19,” the rep explained, highlighting the role of the Avengers star in the Broadway revival. From “The Piano Lesson” by August Wilson.

The representative added: “Ms. Jackson accepted it on behalf of both the woman and her husband simply to minimize the risk of exposure. Mr. Jackson only planned to take photos and then leave, as everyone involved in planning the event knew in advance.

LaTanya Jackson helped the actor overcome addiction

Samuel L. Jackson and LaTanya Richardson at

Samuel and LaTanya have been married for 42 years and have one daughter, Zoe, 39. In the past, the actor has credited his longtime wife for his success in overcoming his addiction.

“I’ve always had my wife, LaTanya, who is my toughest critic,” he revealed in an interview. HuffPost. “He’d say, ‘You’re so intelligent that when you first read something, you think you understand it intellectually and emotionally… But there’s no blood in it.’

After Jackson sobered up, his better self eventually emerged and later established himself as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars.

“It wasn’t until I got sober that I fully knew what he meant,” the Marvel star added. “I used to do things on stage and kind of look for the reaction of the audience… once I was able to ignore that and focus on my relationships with the people I was on stage with, I was finally able to blossom into anything. Maybe I think I am now.”

Samuel L. Jackson was recently spotted liking adult videos on Twitter

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel recently made headlines on his birthday after Twitter users noticed his account “liking” several X-rated adult videos on the platform. Many of Samuel’s fans tried to warn him that the public could see what he liked. However, more and more people came to know about what happened which led to the actor going viral at the time.

Netizens who also got involved in the debate about Samuel said that the actor did not commit anything illegal, so he should not be offended.

The likes were later deleted as the incident gained more publicity, but only after attentive followers took screenshots and recordings of them. At the time, it was not confirmed whether the Marvel actor, a member of his crew, or another person managing his account was responsible for liking the adult videos.

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