Sam Smith joins the new season of And Just Like That

Sam Smith brings a dose of “unholy” freshness to the small screen.

When fans learned that the original cast of “Sex And The City” was returning to HBO Max’s “And Just Like That,” they were obsessed, and for good reason. Now, to spice things up even more, the franchise is enlisting the help of the British pop singer for the upcoming season.

Sam Smith teases new acting role

Sam Smith is up for something 'unholy' as he joins 'And Just Like That'
Instagram | Sam Smith

Wednesday on the official Instagram of the four-time Grammy winner and the TV show account shared a joint post revealing that the singer will be joined by another famous face in the production.

The “Gloria” singer teased fans about their upcoming acting roles in the second season of “Just Like That.” They posted snapshots on their social media showing them posing next to a trailer on set.

In the first photo, the “Stay with Me” singers can be seen behind the trailer door, their heads popping out as they smile and throw up the peace sign. In the recording, the songwriter pairs a gray knitted sweater with a turtleneck and dark-framed sunglasses.

In the next photograph, the artist sits cross-legged on a wooden film chair made of black fabric. While sitting, they rested one hand on their face and beamed sweetly for the camera.

Many fans were now able to see Smith’s outfit in full, as he wore dusty blue denim jeans and white Reebok trainers to go with the jumper, which featured a pink pocket on the left side.

As the “Dancing with a Stranger” singer shared her new career update with her 14.7 million followers, they captioned the photo: “Something unholy on set.” As expected, fans couldn’t contain themselves excitement. One wrote: “Sam woaaa!! what are you up to?! A cameo hahaha!! I love you so much I’m looking for you…😜”

Sam Smith is up for something 'unholy' as he joins 'And Just Like That'
Instagram | Sam Smith

“You are on fire sam. Your dream will come true. Oh my wife and I can’t wait to see you in April ❤️,” wrote another, while a third exclaimed: “I live for this.” Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “I CAN’T HANDLE THIS.”

As fans wait for season two, it’s worth recalling an earlier report from The Blast It detailed how “Sex and the City” alum Sarah Jessica Parker sent fans into complete panic with an “AJLT” plot twist.

Fans will remember that Carrie Bradshaw – played by SJP and podcast producer Franklyn Hernandez – shared a passionate kiss in the elevator before the end of the last episode.

However, the actress hinted that the second season will start differently than fans thought. She shared photos of Carrie and Aiden Shaw – played by John Corbett – on the street passionately embracing and kissing each other. The big plot twist in Aiden’s role was Carrie’s love interest in the “Sex and the City” series.

Jaw captioned the post: “This. Also. No. A. Drill. X, SJ,” causing many celebrities to flood their comment sections with cute reactions. Gwyneth Paltrow Says ‘NOT THAT GREAT,’ Andy Cohen wrote.

Clothing retailer Old Navy said: “Carrie in her Bennifer era!!!” “Please don’t play with our emotions on a Thursday like this,” Lena Waithe responded.

Sam Smith gave a Satanic Grammy performance on social media

Sam Smith and Kim Petras perform live on stage at the 2023 BRIT Awards at the O2 Arena in London on February 11, 2023

What was supposed to be a fantastic night for the LGBTQ+ community turned into a controversy on social media, which was outraged by Smith’s performance of “Unholy” at the Grammys.

As the song’s name suggests, the “Like I Can” singer put on a risque show, but many weren’t happy with the devil horns and blood red dresses she incorporated into her performance.

The explosion noted that fans were even more upset when they found out that Pfizer was sponsoring the entire Grammy ceremony. Someone wrote: “Making matters worse, the Grammys featuring Sam Smith’s debauchery was sponsored by none other than Pfizer.”

Next to an old picture of Smith, another netizen wrote: “What happened in the last 6 years? Obviously something is not normal!” One drama fan commented:

“Sam Smith literally performed a satanic ritual at the Grammys… and it was literally “brought to you by Pfizer. Now is the time to protect our children from these sick and deranged, dark and ugly energies.”

But many laughed at the outrage, with one Twitter user joking: “Sam Smith and Kim Petras are mad at the Republicans today! Perhaps today I will give an unholy stream.”

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