Ryan Seacrest snaps at Kelly Ripa in awkward live moment

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa they really know how to put on a show, having debated several times on live TV over the years. However, that time was a little awkward because Seacrest slammed Ripa for correcting a mistake she made.

He makes fun of the co-host who read the list in the wrong order. Although they have had several disagreements, there is no bad blood between the stars. The hosts even plan to restart it After Oscar Show at the Oscars this March.

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Ryan Seacrest drops in on Kelly Ripa Live

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest

On Friday’s episode of “Live With Kelly And Ryan,” Seacrest and Ripa discussed the names of dogs in America. However, per The daythings got awkward when Seacrest commented that “Rosie” was the “best female dog name.”

Ripa, who noticed the mistake, quickly corrected it, saying that “Rosie” was actually “at the bottom of the list.” Not long after, they got into an argument over whether the 48-year-old had read the list correctly.

This little tiff prompted Seacrest to announce in an annoyed tone that he’s “doing America’s Top 40 Countdown,” implying that he’s well-seasoned and knows how to read a countdown list properly.

But her co-star, 52, reignited the awkward moment when she asked: “Oh, you’re starting at number one (in the US top 40)?”

He jokingly added: “Guys, spoiler alert, Ryan is number one in the US top 40.” Seacrest finally gave in to Ripa and asked, “What do you want me to do next?”

Amid future plans for the talk show, the duo plans to revive it After Oscar Show this year.

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa reboot the post-Oscars show

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest

The co-hosts are reviving their show After the Oscars for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic. The episode will air on Monday, March 13, the day after the big celebration. Seacrest is especially excited about this year’s ceremony, as he physically interviews Oscar winners backstage.

“Kelly and Ryan and the entire ‘Live’ team are gearing up to bring this signature Oscar excitement to millions of viewers at home” Live executive producer Michael Gelman said. As Ripa anxiously awaits her co-star’s Oscar win, she advised Seacrest to prepare for the “chaos” to come.

Kelly Ripa gave advice to Ryan Seacrest about his new Oscar-winning performance

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Grilling segment in NYC

In an interview Species, the senior co-host noted that Seacrest’s job was harder than it looked. He also explained that backstage interviews are different from what he’s used to. “Ryan has a lot of experience on the red carpet, but I always tell him that the red carpet looks very spacious backstage.”

He then advised her to avoid “chaos” by making room for celebrities to walk through. “Literally get out of the way and clear your corner – make way for the clothes.” Seacrest, who has been in the industry for almost three decades, is still nervous about the big day. However, the star is just as excited about the opportunity.

Ryan Seacrest is nervous about the Oscars

Ryan Seacrest Tribeca Film Festival Opening Night - 'Midtime' Premiere

While the talk show host is excited about the chance to “chat” with famous people, she’s also nervous about the ceremony. During the interviews, the star revealed how worried he was about the defacement. “I want to make sure I know who everybody is and I want to make sure I know what everybody’s been doing.”

Seacrest even made flashcards to help him memorize the scores of potential winners. The host spotted some guests he’d like to chat with, such as Elvis star Austin Butler. He then added that Tom Hanks, who also appeared in the film, was one of his best actors.

Seacrest also worries that he’s not ready for “spontaneous” conversations. He noted, “People could sip something in the limousine on the way.”

The program is broadcast ABC on March 12, comedian Jimmy Kimmel returns as the evening’s host. When asked if he could host the Oscars, Seacrest simply commented that he wasn’t “funny enough.” However, he can’t wait to give his best behind the scenes of the long-awaited celebration.

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