Russell Brand Begs Fans To ‘Back’ Him By Paying £48 For Rumble

Embattled comedian Russell Brand has come out to beg for financial support from his fans in the wake of his YouTube channel being demonetized.

The actor asked them to subscribe to his Rumble channel, one of the few platforms that have yet to demonetize him after several sexual allegations were leveled against him.

Brand had previously broken his silence on the sexual allegations, saying that all his past relationships were consensual.

Russell Brand Begs Fans To Subscribe To His Rumble Channel

Four women accuse Russell Brand of rape, sexual abuse

Brand has called out to his fans to subscribe to his Rumble channel following his YouTube being demonetized after recent sexual allegations against him propped up online.

The comedian went on a rant on the platform, saying that his current troubles resulted from him being targeted by the government.

Brand said to the about 70,000 people that streamed in, “If you’re watching this on YouTube or anywhere else, eventually you’re going to have to click the link in the description and join us over in Rumble, and if you can become a supporter it’s the only way that you can back our independent voice at a time where it’s obviously being challenged.”

Subscribing to the Rumble platform comes at an annual cost of approximately £48 ($58). It appears that Brand is banking on this move to help him regain financial stability, especially since he has suffered significant setbacks, such as losing publisher support and the postponement of his stand-up tour.

Police Have Opened Up An Investigation Into Him

Fans split about allegations against Russell Brand

Before Brand’s live-streaming event, the U.K. police disclosed that they had initiated an investigation in response to several “non-recent” sexual offense allegations made against the comedian.

“We continue to encourage anyone who believes they may have been a victim of a sexual offence, no matter how long ago it was, to contact us,” a rep said.

“We understand it can feel like a difficult step to take and I want to reassure that we have a team of specialist officers available to advise and support.”

Another spokesperson said there have been “no arrests and enquiries continue,” reiterating that victims should contact the police.

The accusations against Brand arose earlier in the month as a result of an investigation conducted by Channel 4’s Dispatches and The Sunday Times. At the moment, at least four women have publicly accused Brand of sexual assault and rape.

Russell Brand Breaks His Silence

Underfire comedian Russell Brand , pictured here in 2010 in Edinburgh for a book signing for his second book "Booky Wooky 2". Allegations of rape and unwanted sexual behaviour have been levelled at Brand by the Sunday Times newspaper and Channel 4 Dispatch

Brand recently broke his silence with regards to the sexual allegations that have been leveled against him. The actor admitted that in his past, he was “very, very promiscuous.” However, all sexual interactions he had at the time were “absolutely always consensual.”

The “Despicable Me 2” star stated, “I was always transparent about that. Then almost too transparent, and I’m being transparent about it now as well. To see that transparency metastasized into something criminal that I absolutely deny makes me question, is there another agenda at play?”

Brand also noted that the attacks he is currently facing share some similarities with other independent news personalities.

He added, “Particularly when we’ve seen coordinated media attacks before, like with Joe Rogan, when he dared to take a medicine that the mainstream media didn’t approve of, and we saw a spate of headlines from media outlets across the world using the same language.”

Russell Brand Faced Similar Sexual Allegations In The Past

Russell Brand Finally Speaks Out Amid Sexual Assault Allegations, Begs For 'Support' After Being Demonetized By YouTube
Instagram | Russell Brand

The recent allegations against Brand come as no surprise, especially considering a previous legal incident involving sexual misconduct in 2014, as reported by The Sun.

During that period, the comedian faced police questioning following a formal complaint from a woman who asserted that she had been subjected to unwelcome sexual advances when she visited his residence for a massage appointment.

The woman initially reported feeling significant distress due to the alleged incident, which she claimed lasted for 40 minutes. She further stated that despite not providing the massage, Brand paid her the agreed-upon fee but forcefully ejected her from his house when she raised objections.

At the time, Brand vehemently denied the allegations. Ultimately, the case against him was dropped, and the woman was informed.

Comedienne Kathy Griffin also called out Brand very recently, calling him a “sleazebag” and stating how happy she was at the allegations against the actor. She also claimed that he sexually assaulted one of her friends at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

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