Runaway Pig Named Kevin Bacon Is No Longer ‘Footloose’: ‘He’s Home’

Kevin Bacon‘s “footloose” days have come to an end. The Gettysburg, Pennsylvania pig has finally returned home after two weeks of living his best life on the streets (and not “tearing up the town.”)

A Facebook page devoted to finding the sneaky pig on the loose grabbed many people’s attention, including the actor the pig is named after.

Kevin Bacon Has Finally Returned Home Safe And Sound

Kevin Bacon the pig on the loose in PA
Bring Kevin Bacon Home – Facebook

Just one day after moving to his new home with Chelsea Rumbaugh and her family, Kevin decided to go on a solo adventure.

According to Rumbaugh, the pig’s first night at his new home was good, but the following morning, he woke up and chose a life on the run. He knocked over a post and ran off into the woods surrounding the family’s property. And while they had many Kevin sightings over the course of his two weeks on the lam, he was outsmarting everyone to stay on the streets.

Rumbaugh created the Facebook page, “Bring Kevin Bacon Home,” where people shared information about sightings and she shared all she was doing to try to lure the 200-lb pet pig home.

The hilarious story about Kevin’s big adventure caught the attention of many, including the real Kevin Bacon who shared news of the pig’s story on his social media pages a few days ago.

Yesterday around 11 a.m., Rumbaugh shared a photo of proof that Kevin visited his new home when no one was looking.

And then just two hours later, Rumbaugh shared some really good news, “He’s home.”

Many of Kevin’s fans dropped into the comments to share their excitement for the runaway pig’s return.

“I’m so happy for you, but I am going to miss reading of your escapades while I drink my morning coffee!” one person wrote.

Another person, who shared the same sentiment of enjoying reading about the pig’s big adventure, suggested continuing to update the page with his pig tales.

“So happy he is home! On behalf of all Kevin’s Facebook fans, I would like to request that, after you take some time to relax after this ordeal, the name of this page change to ‘Kevin Bacon at Home’ or something similar. And maybe we get periodic updates and pics of the pig we all have fallen in love with? 😬” they wrote.

Kevin Bacon the pig
Bring Kevin Bacon Home – Facebook

And they weren’t the only two to want more Kevin “antics.”

“Happy and sad. I will miss his antics, but happy he will be safe now. Please keep posting about his life and his friends,” one follower wrote.

Another added, “You should now change the page to daily adventures of kb. And keep everyone updated daily. I’ll miss this but I’m so glad he is home safe now! Every time I pass your road I think about you guys!!”

Kevin Bacon Returned To His Pen All On His Own!

Bring Kevin Bacon Home
Bring Kevin Bacon Home – Facebook

Maybe the adventure in his blood was running thin, or maybe he just missed his new home, but at any rate, Kevin returned to his pen willingly all on his own. Rumbaugh shared a how he got into his pen in a Facebook post.

“Today around noon my husband and I walked outside to do a survey of the woods and look for Kevin. After two steps outside I saw that he had wandered into the pen in his own. I dropped what I was holding and sprinted to the pen, stepped in, and shut the door behind me. He had his angry feelings for about 60-90 seconds then it was over,” she wrote.

“He came into the pen when it wasn’t even baited. He’s now asleep in the bed he made for himself. Love, patience, & a lil meds to knock off the edge.”

Bring Kevin Bacon Home
Bring Kevin Bacon Home – Facebook

On Wednesday, Rumbaugh shared some insight on what’s next for the now famous pig.

“Rest. Relax. Eat snacks,” she wrote in a caption of a photo of Kevin and one of his pig friends. “Maybe a farm show (not this coming) appearance if we can save up for a truck & trailer by then.”

And since many said this story would make a great children’s book, that might be something to look out for in the future. Rumbaugh assured Kevin’s fans that they haven’t seen the last of him just yet.

“Our current loose working idea is a variety of stories told from Kevin’s perspective as a pig being placed in a new home and what difficult feelings he may be facing. The foster/adoption system has always been close to my heart so I’m hoping to create a way for younger children to understand difficult feelings,” the caption continued. “There’s more to come from Kevin, no matter how he got to us, he was destined to be here. 🖤

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