Rumer Willis wants a ‘unique and different’ name for her child

Pregnant Rumer Willis drops hints about her future baby’s name. With the arrival of her baby, the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ alum is ready for motherhood.

She already knows how she wants to have her baby and, unsurprisingly, she has baby names too. As expected, the ‘Hostage’ actress’ baby name ideas are far from basic!

Rumer Willis says the baby’s name would be “interesting, unique and different.”

The first daughter of Hollywood stars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore recently shared the name of her baby and her expectation of motherhood in an interview. People Magazine.

Rumer Willis poses for Naked Cashmere

The expectant mother was asked if she had a baby name. In response, he betrayed her“Some. We both had ideas. I come from a family where my name is Rumer, my sisters are Scout and Tallulah, so I knew I wanted something interesting and unique and different. Luckily, my partner was very down.”

However, she revealed that she is desperate to wait for the baby to arrive before deciding on a name, or decide on a name before the baby arrives.

“But then there’s a part of me that feels like I need to see (the baby). It’s such a weird feeling when you’re like, “I love this child, this little person so much, but I don’t necessarily know them, so I have to look at who they are and see if this fits in.”

When asked the gender of the baby, the actress noted that she wanted to keep it a secret. “Surprise,” he declared. The Broadway star then revealed that she plans to have more children. He said that he comes from a big family and enjoys the comfort of his siblings and wants that for his family.

He explained“The more the merrier. I’m like, let’s go. I’m one of five sisters. Even though we come from two separate litters, I can’t imagine not having siblings. We’re so close. My sisters are my best friends. I can’t imagine , so that I don’t give this to my children.”

In the interview, the mother-to-be talked about what qualities the Willis family has that she wants for her child. Rumer expressed, “We’re all so stupid and just weird. We are a weird family and I love that. I hope that this is born in this child, only stupidity and stupidity.

He added: “I think my mum had one. My father had one. My sisters… That’s my favorite thing. Laughing with my family. I’m laughing like crazy and so is my partner, so I’m probably the most curious about how it sounds.”

Rumer Willis poses for Naked Cashmere

As for the tradition Rumer wanted to recreate with her child, she talked about the Christmas holidays. The “Airstrike” actress said: “When we were little, Christmas was always a big deal. I feel like I can spend Christmas again where this joy is. At the same time, I am very excited to make new ones.”

The ‘Sorority Row’ actress would be born ‘drug-free’

While the 34-year-old is expecting her baby, she is preparing for the birth process. As reported by The Blasta few days ago, the soon-to-be mom showed her fans a product that helps prepare for a drug-free birth.

In the clip shared by Rumer, she donned a white robe while talking about a massage device that helped her with perineal massage. Rumer pointed out that he started thinking about the pool floor job as he approached his third semester and needed to know about it.

Luckily, she stumbled upon a company on Instagram that was selling the perfect perineal massager. The singer showed off the purple device before explaining its importance. According to Rumer, as the baby’s bump grows, it becomes difficult to reach onto the belly for massage, and the product comes in handy.

Rumer went on to share his experience with the product. “I have to say it made a big difference to the game and I felt a lot more confident in my ability to become one.”

Rumer Willis flaunts a bigger bump

“I don’t know, more surrendered, really relaxed, really find places in your pelvic floor where you’re tense and learn how to let go of those places and get ready to give birth easier.”

She echoed the same helpful experience in the caption, writing, “I feel so much more prepared for my unmedicated birth because of this.”

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