Ron DeSantis Reveals Plan To Deport Over ‘7 Million’ Migrants

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican presidential candidate, has stirred controversy by pledging mass deportations of individuals who entered the country illegally during the Biden administration if he becomes president.

After a campaign event in Long Beach, California, DeSantis estimated this could affect around 6 to 7 million people, making it his top priority. As detailed on his campaign website, he plans to achieve this by increasing Border Patrol and ICE staffing.

Ron DeSantis Vows To Deport Every Migrant Let In Under Joe Biden

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican candidate for the White House, has stirred controversy by vowing to deport individuals who enter the country illegally under the Joe Biden administration if he becomes president.

DeSantis made this known after a campaign event in Long Beach, California, emphasizing that mass deportations would be his “priority” as president. He estimated this could affect around 6 to 7 million, stating: “That’s going to be the priority. That’s probably 6 or 7 million people right there. It’s going to require a lot of effort. It’s going to require us to lean in.”

Ron DeSantis Campaign Website Promises To Hire More Removal Agents For Deportation

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Speaking to The New York Post on Monday, a campaign official for DeSantis clarified that if the Florida Governor were to become the 47th president, he would fulfill his promise to deport illegal immigrants who came into the country during the Biden administration by increasing the staffing of both Border Patrol and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

This plan is detailed in a section of DeSantis’ campaign website titled “Stop The Invasion.” The strategy to be employed on the website reads: “We will hire more Border Patrol agents and more removal agents to make sure that even if illegal immigrants cross, they will swiftly be found and deported.”

It continued, “We will allow ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations officers to do their jobs and focus on illegal alien entries under Biden’s border crisis and those with criminal records.”

However, no specific details were provided regarding how DeSantis plans to address the record-breaking number of migrants encountered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) during Biden’s presidency.

Former President Donald Trump Vows To Kickstart’ Largest Deportation Operation’

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Despite his grand plans for deportation, DeSantis is not the only one to employ the theme. Former President Donald Trump also pledged to initiate “the largest deportation operation in the history of our country.”

A Trump campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung, noted the resemblance between DeSantis’s Agenda 47 policy proposals and Trump’s agenda, criticizing DeSantis as a “fake moron” compared to Trump.

Aside from their similar campaign themes, DeSantis had previously made it clear that he would decline the role of Vice President if offered by former President Trump. During an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” the former Florida Governor firmly stated that he’s running for the presidency.

He emphasized the need for a candidate capable of serving two terms and winning critical states like Georgia and Arizona, areas where Trump faced challenges in previous elections, unlike candidates such as McCain and Romney, who succeeded in those states during their respective campaigns.

Ron DeSantis Criticizes Donald Trump And Promises Results

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DeSantis previously criticized former President Trump for not fulfilling the promise of building a southern border wall. He asserted his commitment to making Mexico pay for the wall by implementing “fees on remittances sent to Mexico and other countries by illegal aliens.”

In a tweet, DeSantis responded to a video of Trump explaining the lack of a legal mechanism to make Mexico pay for the wall, stating that it’s not just an “empty campaign slogan.”

He emphasized, “What makes it worse is that there is a way to get Mexico to pay for the wall: impose fees on remittances sent to Mexico (and other countries) by illegal aliens,” He concluded: “As president, I will get this done. No more bluster! Results are all that matter!”

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