Robert De Niro’s Company Orderd To Pay Ex-Assistant $1.2 Million

Robert De Niro lost huge in his ongoing case with an ex-assistant, being ordered to pay her $1.2 Million in damages.

The shocking verdict just came down in a New York courtroom where the legendary actor’s production company, Canal Productions, was found liable for gender discrimination and retaliation.

The company was ordered to pay De Niro’s former assistant $1.2 million in damages, bringing an end to a highly public trial against the ‘Casino’ star. The case was argued in front of a jury, which took only 5 hours to deliberate after the two-week trial.

During the sensational battle, the actor was accused of being an abusive boss who subjected the assistant to sexually inappropriate behavior.

On the stand, the 80-year-old actor gave bombshell testimony denying claims he was the worst boss ever.

“This is all nonsense!” the star blurted out while answering questions.

It should be noted, that De Niro was not found personally liable for the allegations, but his company. But, the assistant sued the company because technically she worked for it and De Niro.

Robert De Niro’s Company Files Lawsuit Against Ex-Assistant

Robert De Niro's Company Ordered To Pay Ex-Assistant A Shocking $1.2 Million

As we reported, the legal battle started when the production company sued Graham Chase Robinson, accusing the ex-assistant of stealing millions of frequent flyer miles, spending thousands on Ubers and dinners out to eat, and being a lazy employee who binge-watched ‘Friends’ while she was on the job.

Robinson fired off her own $ 12 million lawsuit, claiming De Niro forced her to do stereotypical female tasks like cleaning sheets. Plus, she claimed to have been underpaid because she was a woman, and was subjected to sexually abusive behavior like scratching his back and talking to her on the phone while he urinated.

“I am the VP of Production and Finance and I am ordering vacuum cleaners,” she testified.

The ex-assistant also claimed she was bullied by De Niro’s girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, who she called a “sociopath” who conspired to get her fired.

De Niro admitted to calling her a “f—ing spoiled brat” after failing to wake him up for an important appointment.

It’s unclear if the actor or his company will appeal the decision.

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