Rita Ora’s Husband Taika Waititi Reveals She Popped The Question!

Rita Ora‘s husband Taika Waititi has spilled the tea on what really went down on their engagement day.

Over a year after the singer and her man tied the knot in a private Los Angeles affair, the latter has disclosed that it was his wife that actually popped the question and not him. The admission not only caught the attention of their fans, but it also sparked a controversial debate amongst them, with some speaking in support of the action and others fighting against it.

Rita Ora Went On Bended Knee For Her Man One Year Into Their Relationship

Although Ora and Waititi met at a barbecue at his Los Angeles house in 2018, they did not start dating until they were filming in Australia in 2021. The following year, the pair got engaged, with the singer sporting a gorgeous emerald engagement ring. 

Now, years later, the pair shared their wedding pictures with Vogue to mark their first-year wedding anniversary. During the chat, an effusive Waititi opened up about his wife asking for his hand in marriage, stating that she “proposed to me, and I said yes instantly.”

Speaking further, he admitted that they hosted the wedding in their home with “a small group of friends” as opposed to the London and France locations that media reported. As the conversation progressed, Ora addressed their feelings about the false narrative spread about their nuptials, claiming:

“It’s actually been quite entertaining for us to see the different stories people made up and all the while getting to keep it to ourselves. And, I love that we now get to share what really happened—and to do it on our one-year anniversary, no less!”

A snippet of the interview was shared on Vogue’s Instagram page, prompting the “For You” hitmaker’s fans to jump into the comments to share their thoughts. “I think my entire femininity would leave my body if I was ever audacious enough to propose marriage to a man…but good for them,” one observer wrote.

Another person claimed, “I don’t like when women propose for me is guys thing, anyway congrats Rita.” A third person wondered, “So she got down on 1 knee and proposed to a grown man.”

Coming to Ora’s defense, a netizen penned, “Ya’ll, it’s 2023, and we’re *STILL* stuck on outdated gender norms about who should propose to who?! FFS. They look beautiful and happy and in love. That’s all that matters.”

“Why are people upset about women proposing to men? If two people love each other, why does it matter?” a second fan queried, and a third applauded, “I think women proposing to men is badass. I don’t see the problem. Good for them!”

The critics speaking against Ora’s proposal clearly missed her declaration that her husband “changed” her life. Per an April report from The Blast, the “How We Do” singer began the chat by noting that she had gone through a painful period in her music career, where she lost self-confidence and felt discouraged as she struggled to make a difference in the industry.

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi at 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party - Arrivals

The hard time would eventually bring her and Waititi together, as she “got up” “and flew to Australia to do The Voice over there, and I met somebody who changed me forever.” The filmmaker turned out to be the inspiration she needed to come out of her slump and create new music.

The ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Producer And His Wife Went On A Romantic Getaway Recently

Despite their low-key approach towards publicly sharing insights into their loving relationship, the couple took to Instagram to drop multiple media of their baecation to India. As The Blast noted in July, Ora and Waititi journey to the South Asian country for the summer holidays and to spend quality time together.

In the update, the artist is seen shopping for a traditional sari while taking in the sight of Agra, including the Taj Mahal, with her beau. The lovebirds also took a trip on a Tuk Tuk, making the most of their gateway.

At some point in the clip, she excitedly told the camera, “Come with us on a couple of days of me and him in India.” What followed was a view of Waititi scowling playfully at the camera and shots of the couple visiting the famous ivory-white marble Taj Mahal,!2)343 Ora declared, “We are here live!.” The caption below the slide read:

“Celebrating my fans charting my new album You & I in the UK top ten in one of the most incredible countries I’ve ever been to 🇮🇳Forever grateful to all of you who allow me to live this dream each and every day  💖 IT’S THE TAJ MAHAL LIKE FOR REAL!!?!” 💖.”

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