Rita Ora Looks Stunning In Tiny Bikini Amid Hate Campaign

Rita Ora might be the target of a hate campaign over holding the Serbian flag accidentally, but she’s not letting the trolls bother her. Her latest photo share shows her sunning herself on a waterfront rockscape, wearing a tiny bikini, and looking absolutely stunning…

Rita Ora Drops A Stunning Bikini Thirst Trap

Rita Ora dropped a super hot bikini serve
Instagram | Rita Ora

Rita Ora is in the midst of a national controversy, although the Kosovo-born UK singer has taken a stand to say it was nothing more than a mistake. More on that later, as the “Praising You” singer showed that all the online hate in the world could not upset her equilibrium.

Ora posted a stunning set of pictures on her Instagram handle as she posed atop a boulder at a waterfront, getting in the sun as it lit up her beautifully tanned skin.

She wore a tiny black bikini that struggled to contain her curves as she shared pictures of her in various poses, including one of her in a crouch that literally made her look sans any clothes. She accessorized the bikini with chunky shades as well as anklets, a cuff bracelet, a long bead necklace and some chinky earrings. With her hair wet after a dip in the inviting waters in the backdrop, Ora looked fresh and nearly blooming in the sun.

Bella Thorne was quick to appreciate the “stunning” drop, as another fan wrote, “jheez mega STUNNA always! DRINKIN summer anthem on repeat 💕❤️adore you.” Amid more comments like “beautiful,” “stunning,” and “Motherrr,” another fan also commented, “Rita I love you so much!!! I’m with you! You are my favorite artist in the world.”

Clearly, when it comes to the fans, Ora can do no wrong!

Getting Hate For Accidentally Waving A Serbian Flag

Rita Ora gets hate for accidentally waving Serbian flag
Instagram | Rita Ora

So why is there a hate campaign going on against the Albanian singer? It’s all because of Rita Ora’s performance at the SZIN Festival in Hungary. While she was singing and dancing, it seemed a fan threw flag a er. Ora simply took it and waved it briefly before continuing her act.

Unfortunately, the flag turned out to be a Serbian one, and given that Albania, along with Croatia and Hungary, has been unfriendly with Serbia for a while, Ora is now the target of a hate-filled smear campaign.

That said, the “Drinkin” singer did make a statement to Kosovo’s online media, saying, “I could not clearly see which country the flag represented. As soon as I left the stage, I realized that it was a Serbian flag, not a Hungarian one.” She also said that took pride in being a Kosovar Albanian and clarified that disrespecting her heritage or upsetting her people was never her intention.

That said, there are still plenty in Albania and Croatia who are accusing the singer of being a traitor and disregarding her Kosovo-Albanian roots. But some are rallying behind her too, feeling that mistakes can occur during a live performance, and Ora should not be blamed for it especially since she clarified her POV.

Rita Ora Lets Fans Have A Peek Into Her “Ritual”

Rita Ora undergoes acupuncture to destress
Instagram | Rita Ora

Much like Alexandra Daddario‘s love for acupuncture, it seems Ora has gotten onto the piercing bandwagon as well – as her photo drop had a picture of her acupuncture needles in her face. Apparently, this technique triggers collagen production in the skin, keeping away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and maintaining healthier, glowing skin. Frankly, given that Ora shines as bright as the sun, it doesn’t look like she needs anything skin treatment – but then again, prevention is always better than cure. Plus, given all the online brickbats and taking into account that acupuncture is supposed to be destressing as well, Ora might be taking in double benefits.

Be it face, body, or hair – Rita Ora is definitely an all-round stunner, which makes her husband Taika Waititi a very lucky man indeed.

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