Rebel Wilson makes his directorial debut in the Australian musical

Rebel Wilson is making major strides in her career and has fantastic news for her fans as she looks to add ‘director’ to her list of commendable skills.

Although Wilson mentioned his new performance at the Cannes Film Festival, he first informed his social media followers by revealing the title of the production – an original Australian musical – that he will be directing.

Rebel Wilson makes her directorial debut in the musical The Deb

It will be the Australian actress’ first directorial role in a debut themed film set in Australia, which she excitedly shared on her Instagram with some pictures detailing those involved in the production.

Rebel Wilson has announced her directorial debut

THE comment featured him and some of his friends, who are believed to be part of the squad, and were photographed in good spirits on a yacht on the French Riviera. Two slides offered a beautiful view of the celebrity standing on deck with actresses Charlotte MacInnes, Natalie Abbott and Stevie Jean.

Wilson looked stunning in a black and white mid-length sleeveless dress paired with white pumps, while the rest of the women opted for long, flowy, silky dresses. During the slideshow, the comedian was alone on board before posting several photos of several ecstatic friends.

Rounding up the carousel are two images of Wilson in a bright red dress similar to her original dress, but shorter. On the penultimate slide, he was standing on the deck, laughing with a band in the background with his friends, and on the last one, he was about to jump into the river, beaming, with his girlfriends.

Turning to the caption, the 43-year-old producer wrote: “Today I’m announcing my directorial DEB-Ut at the Cannes Film Festival with these incredible stars. Tthe film is called “The Deb”.

He continued: “It’s an original Australian musical about a teenage girl who goes to her debutante prom in a country town.” Wilson also expressed how excited he was to begin filming in Australia later this year, something he couldn’t wait to share with all of his fans.

Rebel Wilson has announced her directorial debut

He ended by tagging the film’s Instagram handle before crediting cinematographer David M. Bennett for the photos.

Fans of the brilliant actress were looking forward to the milestone as they congratulated her in the comments, and several voiced their hope to see her magic in person. “I can’t wait to (see) how it goes,” one fan commented, before a second follower exclaimed: “I’m so excited about this!”

Another admirer congratulated Wilson, adding that the production was “going to be epic”, while a fourth user said: “I love seeing stars making Australian films.” A fifth fan also offered his congratulations, with another excited fellow gushing: “UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!! Such an Australian experience. This is going to be awesome; I look forward to supporting you.”

The star of “A Few Best Men” not only directs the musical, written by Hannah Reilly and Meg Washington, to be shot this September, but also stars in it.

Grayling Deadline, The production is based on a stage show popularized by Wilson when it premiered at Sydney’s Australian Youth Theatre, ATYP, in 2022. Speaking in Cannes on Thursday, May 24, the Bridesmaids actress said: “It basically came from my ATYP scholarship program, where I studied acting and gave my first performance.”

Rebel Wilson has announced her directorial debut

He added that he knew it would be successful as a film after listening to “The Deb’s” score three years ago before it was presented at ATYP’s Rebel Theater.

He said: “At the time I said I thought it was a film and after we showed it last year I said, ‘We’ve got to make it into a film.’ Not every project in Australia has universal appeal, but this one does.”

The SAG Awards nominee looked toned for an action comedy

In addition to her new role in “The Deb,” Wilson reportedly prepped for her role in the action-comedy “Bride Hard” earlier this month.

The explosion reported that he hinted to his followers via his Instagram Story with a snippet of his toned form, with the caption: “Getting ready for the action movie!” The ‘Bogan Pride’ star was dressed in an all-black ensemble consisting of a jumper, leg-flattering trousers and trainers.

Rebel Wilson has announced her directorial debut

She also sported a stylish baseball cap in the same color and gold sunshades as she grinned at the camera on a cliff with mountains and a lake in the background.

Directed by Simon West, the upcoming film follows the life of “Sam, a no-nonsense secret agent played by Wilson, who is tasked with one of his most challenging missions yet: to be the maid of honor for his childhood best friend. The film combines action, adventure and comedy.

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