Ray Romano “Got Kinda Lucky” Finding Deadly Heart Cond

In the last hour, when 90% of the actor Ray Romano’s his heart stopped, he became aware of the a life-changing condition forced to undergo surgery.

Ray Romano feels lucky to be alive

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Romano shocked Marc Maron on Monday’s episode of the “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast when he revealed that his heart is so stuck he’s essentially a walking time bomb. 90% of the Toy Story cast has stopped.

But Romano doesn’t dwell on what could have been: “I was kind of lucky we found it before we had (the widow’s) heart attack.” Romano admits that the disease does not surprise him.

She had been battling high cholesterol for 20 years, but had always refused the medication her doctor recommended to help her manage her health condition. “Every time I said let me do it myself. And I’d go home and have a proper meal—not vegan, but a little healthier—and relieve some ticks,” she recalls.

But it was never enough to sustain the actor.

Ray Romano thought he was “hot shit”

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THE Everyone loves Raymond The actor felt on top of the world when he got his cholesterol under control, which led to a false sense of entitlement about his health. “I’d go home and think I’m hot.” I would take it off and start cheating and that was the cycle,” he said.

Your doctor said your high cholesterol doesn’t necessarily put you “at risk” but that you should watch it, then boom! Surgery is needed. Today, Romano is carrying out orders.

“I’m on medication now,” he admits to Maron, who casually congratulates his pal for taking the plunge. Believe it or not, accepting medication should be taken seriously. He admits that if he could “go back 20 years” he would have started the medication now.

For Romano these days, “It’s hard for me to maintain this diet,” so medicine for the win!

Ray Romano now has another problem

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The comedian admits that as soon as he has one thing under control, another one pops up without fail. “I’m on medicine and my cholesterol is down so I think I can enjoy and eat food now. My sugar level just went up, he says with a laugh. “I stand in front of diabetics.”

Earlier this month, before going public with the surgery, Romano opened up about the day he realized something was wrong with his body. While directing his upcoming film Somewhere in Queenshad to cancel some appointments.

“I called my agent at one in the morning because I couldn’t sleep.” I go, ‘I can’t do it, I can’t do it,'” she revealed Fun tonight. “Because — I’m not kidding — I had to go to my cardiologist in New York and get on the treadmill and do an exercise test because I had chest pains.”

Fortunately, Romano has overcome this difficult period in his life and is back to what he loves; acting and directing.

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