Raquel Leviss Reportedly Away From Filming ‘VPR’ Amid Negotiations

Raquel Leviss is reportedly seeking better pay from “Vanderpump Rules” producers.

She has allegedly skipped out on filming for the upcoming season and even opted out of a cast trip to Lake Tahoe. In the meantime, she has been spotted dedicating time to her family in Arizona, underscoring her commitment to prioritizing her mental well-being.

Rachel Leviss Holds Out For Better Pay Amid Break From Filming

After reports emerged indicating that her fellow cast member Tom Sandoval had been unfaithful to Ariana Madix with the 28-year-old, it was all anyone could talk about in season 10 of the show.

The infidelity controversy, often dubbed “Scandoval,” was brought up at the reunion, during which the cast explosively addressed the issue. It was reported that Leviss entered a facility in April shortly after. Now that she is out, a source revealed to ET:

“Rachel has been spending time with her family in Arizona since leaving the mental health facility. Rachel has been receiving letters from people opening up about their own mental health journey and applauding her for taking time away from filming to focus on her mental health. Rachel is in a really good place and has been enjoying a slower pace of life. She’s been doing Pilates and often goes hiking.”

Raquel Leviss at Vanderpump Cocktail Garden Grand Opening

The insider told the outlet, “Rachel knows that if she films for Vanderpump Rules it won’t be good for her mental health. She feels she already said what she needed to say at the reunion, and she’s putting that all behind her and is moving forward.” 

They added that although she has not been filming this new season, it is “not fully off the table.” It is likely because the star is reportedly still negotiating her contract for better pay. 

Amid media attention surrounding “Sandoval,” a familiar face in the reality TV industry, Bethenny Frankel extended her support, recognizing that mistakes can occur. The “Real Housewives of New York City” alum encouraged Leviss to engage in fair negotiations and acknowledged the emotional toll stemming from public criticism.

During an interview, the entrepreneur noted, “You were wrong, you slept with someone’s boyfriend. It happens. You work in a bar on a reality television show, the most toxic environment in history.” In her opinion, the media had exaggerated Leviss’ situation, sensationalizing it to an extreme degree, and “were marketing it like it was the friggin’ election.” 

Delving deeper into the matter, the 52-year-old highlighted how the younger star became “a punching bag for everybody on every talk show in the entertainment industry.” 

Drawing an analogy, the mother-of-one compared it to entering a ring with heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, emphasizing that compensation should be expected in such situations, adding, “So, yeah, she should not be shooting.”

Raquel Leviss Reportedly Away From Filming 'VPR' Amid Negotiations For Better Pay
Instagram | Raquel Leviss

The “Wish Me Luck” actress emphasized, “She should be negotiating a contract that says ‘I got dragged through the streets and I was abused mentally.’ That is a good example of what reality television is about; that’s a perfect example.”

Raquel Leviss Experienced A Profound Revelation

While staying at a mental health facility, the “Extra” star underwent an epiphany that led her to embrace her birth name, Rachel. 

Earlier, it had been reported that she completed a rigorous two-month therapy program at the “The Meadows” center in Arizona. Sources revealed that the reality TV star faced a substantial bill of $200,000 for her stay and treatment.

People close to the situation reportedly disclosed that Leviss faced significant stress as a result of internet trolls following the “Scandoval” incident. These cybernauts deliberately employed her birth name with the intent to target and disturb her emotionally.

Although legally named Rachel, the former Miss Sonoma County has always been called Raquel by her friends and family since her formative years, making it the name she is most familiar with. 

Throughout her time at the facility, the pageant queen was guided by therapists who assisted her in comprehending how the name “Rachel” was being used deliberately as a weapon against her. Through this journey of introspection, the California native gradually recognized the opportunity to reclaim her strength and disarm those attempting to hurt her by fully embracing her birth name.

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