Raquel Leviss opens up about the status of her relationship with Tom Sandoval

Raquel Levis finally opened up about her relationship with her “Vanderpump Rules” co-star With Tom Sandow. Leviss and Sandoval’s months-long affair was recently discovered and made public by his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

Madix found a recording of an intimate video and several “inappropriate” messages that devastated her. Leviss’ lawyers have since sent legal notices to Madix and Sandoval, asking them to stop distributing the video.

Leviss apologized to Madix in a recent interview, saying he wasn’t proud of his actions to hurt her. The reality star opened up about how she’s been thinking about her life choices and said she’s now talking to a counselor.

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Raquel Leviss shares the status of her relationship with Tom Sandoval

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Raquel Leviss has opened up about her relationship with Tom Sandoval after their cheating scandal made headlines. Leviss released a statement on Instagram about their affair, which was made public about a week ago.

In Instagram Leviss wrote: “Despite the indefensible circumstances surrounding our relationship, my feelings for Tom have always been genuine and born of a loving friendship. Knowing how many people we hurt, I need to understand my decisions and learn to do better.”

The reality star also stated that she needs to take care of her health, “work on self-improvement and make time to feel good about being alone.” Leviss added: “I care about Tom and I don’t want to label anything or predict what’s to come. Now I have to heal.”

Ariana Madix learned about the case last week

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

Sandoval’s girlfriend of about nine years, Ariana Madix, found out about his relationship with Leviss last week. She allegedly found several “inappropriate” texts between the two, as well as a recording of an intimate video call. Madix made the discovery on Sandoval’s phone while performing with his band, Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras.

According to the statements of an insider People, the video discovered by Madix is ​​a “FaceTime call between Tom and Raquel.” The source shared that when Madix found the video, he “recorded it and sent it to himself.” Leviss’ legal team has now sent a legal notice to Madix, Sandoval and her co-stars to stop sharing the intimate footage.

The lawyers wrote to Sandoval, alleging that he recorded the video “illegally” and “without Leviss’s permission.” Now, anyone in possession of the video has been ordered to immediately delete it, either from their phone or “by any other means or method by which the recording may exist.”

In the legal notice, the attorneys also demanded that Sandoval and Madix inform them of “any person to whom you have forwarded this recording or to whom you have permitted them to view this recording.”

Ariana Madix was disturbed by the video on Tom Sandoval’s phone

With Tom Sandow

Leviss’ lawyers also sent a letter to Madix, noting that they understood “the distress this must have caused him.” However, reshooting footage of Leviss remains “illegal. and subject to “criminal and civil penalties.”

When Madix discovered the video, a source said People that the reality star is “totally blind.” They said, “This is the one you thought you knew; someone she planned to spend the rest of her life with. This betrayal cannot even be put into words.”

Not long after, another source confirmed that Sandoval and Madix had ended their relationship of about nine years. The source said: “Ariana was there for Raquel when she was going through her breakup with James (Kennedy). He thought they were friends. You don’t do that with a friend.”

Raquel Leviss publicly apologized to Ariana Madix

Leviss issued a public apology to Madix during an interview on Wednesday Fun tonight. The reality star said she was not proud of her actions and regrets the pain she caused Madix. He said: “There are no excuses, I’m not a victim and I have to take responsibility for my actions and I’m very sorry for hurting Ariana.”

Leviss shared that he has reflected on his life choices and is now talking to a counselor. She added: “I’m learning things about myself, like patterns of co-dependency and love-dependency.

Leviss continued, “I’ve sought emotional reinforcement through intimate relationships that aren’t healthy without regard for my own well-being, sometimes negatively affecting others, and often prioritizing intimacy over my friendships.

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