Rap Icon Lil Wayne Opens Up About Struggling With Memory Loss

In a new interview Lil Wayne she’s open about her struggle with memory loss. The chart-topping rapper admitted he struggled to differentiate between his songs and his albums, saying he doesn’t even know what they’re referring to when asked about specific tracks.

Wayne attributed his memory loss to his intense work ethic, describing it as “a gift and a curse.” He also opened up about his health challenges, including his battle with epilepsy and his determination to keep going.

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Lil Wayne says he can’t tell the difference between his songs and his albums

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In an interview Rolling stone, Lil Wayne opens up about his challenge; his songs and albums became a hazy blur in his memory.

In a candid interview with the publication on Friday, the New Orleans-born rapper admitted that he has a hard time telling the difference between his iconic albums like ‘Tha Carter III’, ‘Tha Carter II’, ‘Tha Carter One’ and ‘Tha Carter IV. “

Surprisingly, Wayne’s memory lapses go beyond the mere identification of his albums. The Grammy-winning artist admitted when asked about specific songs, per Page six. “And that’s just the truth of my God.” You can lie, ask about (this) such and such a song; I wouldn’t even know what we’re talking about.”

Lil Wayne describes his hazy memory as “a gift and a curse.”

Rapper Lil' Wayne has been sued by his former personal chef for discrimination

The “The Formula” rapper shed more light on the extent of his memory loss, revealing that he even struggled to remember the release dates of his albums, citing “Tha Carter III” as a prime example. “I don’t know that much,” he admitted.

Thinking about the possible reasons behind his memory lapses, Wayne offered an interesting perspective. “I work every day, bro – every single day,” he explained. The chart-topper then delved into the duality of his situation, stating, “I always look at it as part of the gift and the curse.”

Although his memory is imperfect, Wayne recognizes that his exceptional talent and creativity are a godsend for his successful hits. “I believe (God) blessed me with this wonderful mind, but he wouldn’t give me a wonderful memory to remember this wonderful sh*t,” he said.

The rapper’s health challenges

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Wayne’s journey has been marked by health challenges, most notably his battle with epilepsy. In 2013, Wayne was hospitalized after experiencing a series of seizures. During this time, it was speculated that sizzurp, a recreational drink mixed with cough syrup, may have played a role in these incidents. Los Angeles Times.

In 2017, the rapper had to cancel a show in Las Vegas due to multiple seizures and was found unconscious in his Chicago hotel room. Rolling stone.

However, despite these struggles, the “Sucker for Pain” rapper remains determined to keep moving forward. “The motivation is not to show them that I’m still the dude that I am,” he explained in a recent interview with the magazine.

He added: “The motivation is to show them why I’m still that guy. That’s the motivation, because hopefully (the next generation of rappers) want to get something from that and continue to be still, no matter who the guy or the girl is.”

Lil Wayne Teases ‘Verzuz Battle’ With Him

Lil Wayne and apos Kimmel apos

Fans have long been clamoring for Wayne to participate in the “Battle of Verzuz,” where artists pit their musical skills against each other. However, his chat Rolling stonethe five-time Grammy Award-winning hitmaker revealed that if he were to participate in the show, he would face only one opponent, and that would be himself.

The “Lollipop” rapper expressed his interest in pitting his alter egos against each other, especially the dynamic between “Mixtape Weezy” and “Lil Wayne,” stating, “I was interested in Mixtape Weezy going up against Lil Wayne.”

Acknowledging the huge excitement this would cause, Wayne concluded, “That would have been crazy… What other artists are you thinking of? There’s no other artist that can stand next to me on stage, bro. I’m sorry.”

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