R. Kelly requests a new trial, challenges jury selection

R Kelly hope they are annoying New York sexual assault charges he claimed the jurors were against him.

R. Kelly is looking for a reprieve

R. Kelly is seen attending a child support hearing at the Daley Center in Chicago on March 13, 2019

The disgraced singer and his team have officially filed paperwork to appeal federal sex crime charges in New York. While there are many reasons why these charges should be accepted, the biggest reason is that some jurors are already biased against him.

The “Fiesta” singer was formally indicted in 2021 on nine counts, including RICO charges, sex-related charges and human trafficking, according to legal documents. documents obtained by TMZ also details the raw deal Kelly received.

Kelly and his team say the government hasn’t exactly proven he was guilty of anything. Yes, they’ve made their point and told the opening and closing, but does your team want to know what they’ve proven?

Jury members sing like birds

R Kelly

Both Kelly and his legal team insist that since the trial ended, some jurors have boasted that they never liked Kelly. The problem here is that it shows that there was some ill will towards the performer before the trial started.

So they are more likely to vote to convict when there is a consideration, which… look where you are now. Specifically, they claim that at least four jurors admitted to this malice and that two others watched it He survived R. Kelly documentary on the Lifetime network.

In addition, R. Kelly claims again that the girls identified by the government as minors who were the victims of his grooming and molestation were actually over 18! As for the girls who turned out to be minors, Kelly’s team claims they lied and misled her.

The evidence against R. Kelly was also a mess

R. Kelly leaves the Cook County Detention Center

The singer and his team also had an explanation for the evidence against Kelly. They believe that some of the evidence they heard during the trial should never have been allowed into the courtroom, particularly the details of her sex life and related STD discussions.

They believe that sexual talk is a way to manipulate the jury. Kelly’s former friends and employees were also targeted for testifying falsely about things they had nothing to do with. Kelly and his team were not impressed by the trial itself.

Got it prompted them to file an appeal to withdraw his sentence or at least have the opportunity for a new trial. R. Kelly gets 20 years in prison for Chicago charges. He has not yet appealed against this, but after the move it seems that it is not completely out of the question.

Kelly has always maintained his innocence of all charges brought against him and has fought tirelessly to get out of prison.

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