Priscilla Presley claims ‘Elvis would be proud’ of the trust settlement

Priscilla Presley expressed satisfaction with the agreement reached between him and his grandson, Riley Keough, regarding the estate of his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. Priscilla’s statement clarified her intentions, stressing that her previous request to maintain her role as co-guardian had been misunderstood.

The settlement agreement includes the financial details of Lisa Marie’s trust, which Priscilla is now seeking to keep confidential by filing a motion to suppress the information. Priscilla expressed concern for the safety and well-being of her family if the details were made public.

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“Elvis would be proud”


In a heartfelt statement filed Wednesday in Los Angeles, he got it People magazinePriscilla Presley (78) expressed her deep satisfaction with the recent settlement between her and her granddaughter, Riley Keough (34), regarding the estate of Lisa Marie Presley, who tragically died in January at the age of 54.

Priscilla spoke about the impact her daughter’s death had on her and said her late ex-husband Elvis Presley would be proud of the settlement.

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley with their daughter Lisa Marie Presley

“My daughter’s death was both devastating and heartbreaking. We’ve learned that fans realize that we’re “just a family.” Elvis would be proud and his and Lisa’s wishes are the most important to all of us,” he said.

“The Elvis and Me” actress went on to express her admiration for her grandson’s efforts to find a solution: “My grandson, through his advice, along with my team worked diligently and tirelessly to resolve any misunderstandings as a family.”

Priscilla Presley claims the battle for Lisa Marie’s trust was a misunderstanding

The late Lisa Marie Presley with the cast "Elvis"

Priscilla also highlighted the deep relationship between her late ex-husband Elvis and their beloved daughter Lisa Marie. As the only child of the legendary rock icon, Lisa Marie held a special place in their hearts. The late singer shared daughter Riley with ex-husband Danny Keough.

Priscilla’s statement supported a motion to dismiss a petition filed earlier by Keough seeking approval of their settlement agreement.

In a statement, Priscilla explained that a petition she filed earlier this year to retain her role as co-guardian of Lisa Marie’s estate had been “misconstrued” as a dispute over her beloved daughter’s trust.

The skilled actress emphasized that such a misunderstanding was never her intention, so she terminated the law firm that filed the petition on her behalf. Priscilla explained that her primary goal in filing the statement was to “resolve any possible uncertainty” regarding the interpretation of the trust.

Priscilla Presley’s Lawyer Says ‘Everybody’s Happy’

Priscilla Presley on Elvis Presley's 80th birthday

Following the peaceful solution reached in May, the feeling of satisfaction and unity within the family remained strong. Speaking about the positive outcome, Priscilla’s lawyer Ronson Shamoun said: “Everyone is happy. We look forward to the future unitedly, together and excitedly.” Echoing that sentiment, Riley’s attorney Justin Gold added, “(Riley) wouldn’t have agreed to the settlement if he wasn’t happy with it.”

Regardless of the court’s decision on Keough’s request, Priscilla’s removal as trustee of Lisa Marie’s estate will remain in effect as it was already included in the settlement agreement she voluntarily signed.

Priscilla Presley is asking the court to keep details of the settlement confidential

Riley Keough, late mother Lisa Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley at the Presley Family Hand and Footprint Ceremony celebrating Baz Luhrmann's 'Elvis' at the TCL Chinese Theater

As part of the deal, Priscilla will receive $1.4 million over the next decade along with an undisclosed amount. Consequently, the trust will be administered solely by Keough.

But in a recent development, Priscilla filed a motion with Los Angeles Probate Judge Lynn Scaduto to seal the financial details of the settlement to keep them confidential from the public.

In his motion, which he exposed Daily Mail, Priscilla explained: “The settlement agreement contains private information about my daughter’s Trust, which benefits my two minor grandchildren (Harper, 14, and Finley, Lisa Marie’s children from fourth husband Michael Lockwood, 62).”

The loss of Priscilla Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie
Instagram | Priscilla Presley

He continued: “If this information were to become public, it could put me and my family’s safety at risk. “This puts me in significant danger, emotional stress, and negatively affects my physical and mental health.”

“This would also expose my son (musician Navarone Garibaldi, 36) and my minor grandchildren to harassment and bullying. We’ve all been through enough,” he concluded.

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