Prince Harry’s Alleged Former Fling Slams Meghan Markle

Prince Harryalleged ex-lover Sasha Walpoleshe recently said that the father-of-two is no longer the boy she remembers and claimed that she divorced him with her marriage. Meghan Markle. The digger driver’s current fame is the result of Harry’s recently published memoir Reserve.

In his memoirs, the king recalled his first sexual encounter, mentioning that it was with a woman who was involved with horses. Walpole, a digger driver who used to work as a groom at the Gloucestershire estate Highgrove, recently came forward to identify himself as her virginity host.

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Sasha Walpole says Prince Harry has been ‘replaced’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Walpole joined English broadcaster Piers Morgan for a recent interview on his ‘Uncensored’ show. There, the host asked her about a number of things, including her feelings for Markle. She said the two women seemed to have several things in common, claiming that Harry had ‘turned from a digger to a gold digger’.

Walpole, who laughed off Morgan’s comment, mentioned that he and Markle referred to the royal as ‘H’. Asked if Harry looked happy, the digger driver said: “He’s not the boy I remember, that’s for sure.”

“But again, I’m out of place; I have no idea what’s on his mind; “I haven’t seen him in 21 years,” continued Walpole. He also claimed that by his standards, Harry had ‘definitely’ replaced him with his recently chosen mate.

Sasha Walpole on why she stepped forward as the Duke’s virginity

Sasha Warpole on Piers Morgan's "Uncensored."

Walpole was still talking to Morgan and admitted that he had decided to reveal his identity because of all the speculation caused by Harry’s memoirs. Royal wrote about an older woman who had an affair with horses and how she took her virginity. She claimed that Walpole “didn’t treat her like a young stallion” after the sexual encounter, “hitting my tail and sending me out to pasture”.

Walpole claimed that if she did not emerge as the woman in question, it is likely that the speculation surrounding the father of two children would not end. “People are asking, family and friends,” said the excavator driver. “We know who it is and then all of a sudden it just becomes real, ‘This is not going to go away.’

He also said that until the public knows for sure who it is, they will continue to question people. “And yes, I could have said nothing, but then you will never stop,” continued Walpole. “You know, he could have told me to ‘write it in the book.’

Sasha Walpole and Prince Harry never spoke after the on-field incident

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

Conversation a Daily Mail Earlier this week, Walpole admitted that he and Harry never spoke to each other again after their sexual encounter in the field. The digger driver said he and Harry became friends when he was working as a groom at the Gloucestershire estate of Highgrove. On the night of the July 2001 incident, she invited 16-year-old Harry to her 19th birthday party.

Walpole held the party at The Vine Tree pub in the Wiltshire village of Norton. At that time, she was dumped by an ex-boyfriend, and the young Duke tried to cheer her up, and they ended up having sex in a field.

“We didn’t want to do it – it wasn’t premeditated and I didn’t know she was a virgin,” Walpole explained. “There were no virgin vibes – he seemed to know what he was doing. It was fast, wild, exciting. We were both drunk. It wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t there.”

After they were done, Walpole returned to the pub and Harry stayed in the phone booth until his security details found him.

She stroked Prince Harry’s ‘Peachy Bum’ after the meeting

Prince Harry at Windsor Castle on September 19, 2022 in Windsor, England.

Walpole also discussed Harry’s comment Reserve, calling their encounter a “fast track” and saying that after he “hit my tail and sent me out to pasture.” He revealed that Harry calling it “disgraceful” was funny to him and fitting.

“I don’t mind you saying that because it’s not really glorious, is it?” We were drunk and had sex in a field,” said the digger driver. “It’s his sense of humor. (We were part of) a huge equestrian scene, and the slap happened in an equestrian context; the book is a funny interpretation of that.”

He continued: “His description is accurate – the real shock when I saw what he wrote was how true it was. That brought me back the most. I’m not offended.” Walpole also confirmed that Harry spanked her bottom after they finished having sex.

“Then I grabbed her bottom and slapped her. I squeezed him a little too. She had a peach belly. I don’t know about the stud thing; I think it was more to do with working with horses,” Walpole revealed.


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