Poison Ivy (DC) Shocking Facts You Won’t Believe

Poison Ivy (DC) Shocking Facts You Won't Believe

We’re going to be updating you on one of the most popular villainesses out there Poison Ivy (DC). let’s just tackle some facts try and fill you up with some knowledge you may not have heard before.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Poison Ivy DC

She wasn’t always called Pamela Isley her first name was Dr. Lillian Rose this was pre-crisis that being a crisis on infinite earth which occurred in 1985.

We’ve talked about it many times on this channel at this point. But that was the event when dc first folded its multiverse in on itself to try to clear up the confusion.

Before crisis she’s largely the same only she was involved in an Egyptian themed crime orchestrated by Marc LeGrande there were herbs in the artifact but still, that’s a reach.

She survives his murder attempt but developed an immunity to poisons so it’s pretty similar to post-crisis but we would revamp it and flesh out her character give her an evil professor and make her powers even more plant-based and nuanced. Ivy’s powers actually have quite an interesting history which we will touch on very shortly.

Saved Orphans

Poison Ivy DC

Now Ivy does actually have a softer side and it has manifested a few times one such incident was during no man’s land a now-iconic story arc wherein a giant earthquake devastates Gotham and the area ends up finding itself divided into areas controlled by different criminals.

Ivy sets herself up in Gotham city central parc and ends up making her space a haven for orphans. It was a nice change to the general misanthropy of her character at the time and is a concept that has been played with the idea that ivy would like children but not necessarily the other person or any institutions etc that tend to come with such an arrangement.

Modeled Off Of Betty Paige

Poison Ivy (DC) was always intended to be a bombshell it was built into her character a femme fatale and her model was the fetish pin-up model Betty Paige which was also meant to add a layer of taboo to the proceedings.

For those who don’t know Betty Paige was not just any ordinary pinup, she also did BDSM stuff and that’s still taboo now so imagine back in the day people’s heads exploding. So initially ivy had the same haircut and proportions her hair would change and she has gotten taller.

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Poison ivy first appeared in Batman #181 and would go on to become a staple of Batman’s rogues gallery even if her message and function would change from eco-terrorist to love interest well she started off as a bit of a love interest for batman so we’ve come full circle only with Harley.

She Has 3 Children

Poison Ivy DC

So poison ivy (DC) hasn’t had many mini-series there are some characters you can spin-off and guarantee sales with and others you cannot. Ivy’s minis are always interesting let’s go with interesting.

Including the cycle of life and death so in this ivy ends up creating 3 plant human hybrids rose hazel and thorn cause there’s never a reason to go off-brand if you can avoid it.

This story wasn’t too well received and is still in the minds of some fans a huh why did we do this again? It is revealed that the children will have very short life spans so they ended up going off a living those lives and were promptly forgotten by most people.

Can Sense Plants

Poison Ivy (DC) loves plants she likes them more than people with only a couple of rare exceptions, and part of the reason for that is that she is actually linked to them she can feel their pain in some canons she can communicate with them which is part of how they do her bidding.

She can make them attack for her and frequently refers to them as her babies. This connection to plants is part of what caused her disconnect from humanity she was reborn as a plant goddess that’s supposed to be part of what is going on with the scantily clad thing too it’s like she’s eve in the garden.

Donated Her Hush Money

Poison Ivy DC

Continuing on the nice things that ivy has done the money that she got from hush she donated to charity comic book hush so not the riddler that was a thing wasn’t it.

So in the comics she got 30 million and donated it to a restoration fund cause first and foremost the plants always that’s ivy’s core trait it’s not sitting at home watching tv longing for a normal life it’s making humanity pay for what we’ve done to her babies, we all need to pay and she’s going to make us also with pheromones cause why not.

Connection to the green

speaking of her plant connection over time it has become linked to the green. The green is an elemental force in the dc universe most frequently associated with Swamp thing inhabited by the parliament of trees this realm has been accessed by scant few on earth who end up being used or influenced as agents it is a connection to the green that drove the Floronic man insane and ivy’s connection is a more recent development swamp thing claims that the green is trying to influence her towards good but that it is slow going.

Her connection to the green seems to be why her abilities can be seen to be increasing as well as her increasingly plant-like appearance and her penchant towards being resurrected more often. It’s an interesting angle and one that opens up a lot of narrative possibilities if more explored.

Conversion to hero new 52/dc superhero girls

So speaking of Ivy’s villain status many stories have been transitioning her into the role of an anti-hero but not how you may thing.

Some of you may be thinking of cause the writers agree with her environmentalist message so they’re presenting her in a more sympathetic light no, it’s mostly been she’s secretly been a nice person the whole time she was just really hurt so she lashed out at the world.

This has allowed her to team up with heroes and even be part of teams even in little girl’s animated shows like dc superhero girls. Cause conflict what’s that no child has ever experienced that.

Ivy was just really sad that’s why she murdered all those people have you even been said and tried to wipe out a species totes justified men am I right gah there’s away.

Loving Batman

If you look up ivy you’re bound to find tons of pictures of her macking on various individuals but one of the first in fact the first was batman. In ivy’s first-ever appearance she was drawn to batman but that element well it didn’t last instead ivy would develop a disdain for men well people I general but men in particular.

Being especially disdainful towards how easy it was to manipulate them because of her appearance and well the hormone and pheromones can’t forget those.

Married To Harley

In the injustice verse whenever I add that people are like why are you trying to devalue their love and I’m like I’m, not it’s an alternate universe some people ignore that cause they will want to. But there are different universes like I could be like oh yeah well Terry is batman yeah he is in that universe we live in a society!

Harley is the person Ivy seems to like the most she loves Harley has a huge soft spot for her but it has at this point in some stories overridden all her other characters traits which some people don’t mind at all while others live in fear of saying they miss old ivy lest people read into their statements and you know try to destroy their lives.

Harley and Ivy have a fascinating relationship that can be depicted in many ways. Some that have never been attempted yet.