Pink left shocked after fan threw mum’s ashes on her during concert!

After Bebe Rexha was hit in the face by a phone and Ava slapped Max, Pink had things thrown at him on stage during his recent gig in Hyde Park.

While the wheel of cheese looked welcome, a bag of white powder startled her because it contained the ashes of a fan’s mother. That’s how everything happened!

Welcomed as Pink “Tinkerbell” to the acrobatic show

Pink at her Hyde Park concert
Instagram | Pink

The 43-year-old singer Pink, who also goes by P!nk and was born Alecia Beth Moore, gave an impressive performance at her Hyde Park concert in London, doing just as much acrobatics as a circus performer would.

From hanging high in the air to spinning upside down on a rope, each move seemed more breathtaking than the next. His enthusiasm, energy and of course his songs completely blew away the fans.

The singer too He posted a small video tribute on his Instagram before the show, captioned: “@bsthydepark the joy of my life to play with you guys. I am never grateful.”

Fans were quick to express their appreciation for her in the comments, with some downright emo:

“I’m so happy, so joyful and so grateful to have witnessed this, but at the same time I’m so heartbroken that it’s over. I hope you realize on your darkest day that your very presence brings a smile to our faces and makes our hearts beat a little faster.”

“I finally got my daughter to see you! 😍 and WOW, it did not disappoint. He’s 13 now and in a wheelchair part-time, but he stood up for you, danced and sang his heart out. He couldn’t stand the next day, but he said he’d do it again just to watch your performance.

“I got an amazing video of you flying over. I thought of Tinkerbell.”

Chelsea Handler also seemed to find it “delightful.”

A lot of people went online on Twitter, with all the praise for the “Trouble” singer!

A wheel of cheese is good, mother’s ashes not so much!

Pink was shocked by the fan who threw their mother's ashes on her

Pink was performing at London’s BST Hyde Park as part of her Summer Carnival tour and the concert was certainly going down well, with plenty of energy in the audience when a fan threw a packet of white powder at her. Pink stopped her performance and bent down to pick up the bag as she interacted with the fan. The unidentified fan must have said something, and Pink can be heard in the video asking, “Is that your mom?” he seems a bit confused.

He then said, “I don’t know how I feel about this,” before walking to the front of the stage and carefully putting it down. The “Raise Your Glass” singer looked a little taken aback, but settled down and continued to sing “Just Like a Pill.”

Here’s Pink and her reaction:

Luckily, another fan seemed to give her a different gift, and it was much more delicious than the dead mom, as Pink bent down and received it, telling the fan “I love you” and making their day by playing “Perfect.” . in the background by the choir.

Pink and Gwen Stefani is the combination we needed!

Pink and Gwen Stefani love each other
Instagram | Pink

There’s nothing like queens flying over queens, and that’s what Pink and Gwen Stefani did recently.

Pink posted a picture of the two and wrote, “I’ve known you for a long time and I look up to you like a big brother. You’re the coolest, the sweetest, and always have the most swag in the room. Thank you for spending the weekend with me.”

Stefani kindly replied: “I love you! thank you for sharing the stage with you this weekend. You’re such a rock star, you speak the truth and I’m constantly inspired by you.”

Fans were left to mush with many resonating comments such as “My idols! Both got me out of some dark times!”

Here’s more from Pink…

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