Pete Davidson’s ‘Inner Circle’ Allegedly Worried For His Well-being

Actor and comedian Pete Davidson is causing his “inner circle” to worry about him due to his recent behavior.

According to a report, a source expressed concerns that some of his friends have enabled his behavior, citing instances like openly discussing ketamine use post-rehab.

They questioned Davidson’s maturity in facing his issues and the potential consequences of not taking them seriously. 

‘He Could Wind Up Killing Himself From Drugs’

Pete Davidson at Peacock's 'Meet Cute' Premiere

According to an unnamed source who spoke with The U.S. Sunthere are concerns about Pete Davidson and the company he keeps. The insider explained: “His buddies, these friends he has around him, they are enabling him and they aren’t being honest with him.”

Providing an example, the insider continued, “He came out of rehab and he immediately started talking about how he had taken ketamine to treat his depression and these people who are always around him didn’t think that was a big deal. It wasn’t a big deal until of course it blew up and became a problem for his fresh out of rehab image.”

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The source expressed doubt about the comedian’s maturity in handling reality and his own problems, emphasizing the importance of taking his issues seriously. They said, “If he doesn’t start taking his issues seriously, he could wind up killing himself from drugs.”

Ultimately, the insider sympathized with Davidson, adding, “At the end of the day, I feel bad for him. The drug situation is his own issue, and I don’t think he understands it all comes crashing down.”

“Look, he’s actually a good guy. He’s great with kids, he’s fun, but I just don’t think he lives in reality when it comes to the issues he’s dealing with,” the insider concluded.

Pete Davidson Jokes About His Stay In Rehab 


A second source close to the “Meet Cute” star holds a slightly contrasting view, claiming that some in Davidson’s inner circle are not so worried about him.

“He just stays in his room and watches TV. He just doesn’t do a lot these days. He does his stand-up gigs and immediately goes back to his room for the night,” they stated.

Interestingly, Davidson has been on tour since the beginning of the month, sharing the stage with comedy icons Jon Stewart and John Mulaney.

During his ongoing stand-up gig, the 29-year-old comic openly discusses his recent stint in rehab, revealing that it marks his seventh visit. Notably, a reporter from The Sun who attended one of his tour dates earlier this month noted that in addition to discussing rehab, Davidson also talks about his experiences with marijuana, mushrooms, acid, and ketamine.

Pete Davidson Checks Into Rehab To ‘Tune Up’

Pete Davidson

In June, an insider spoke to Page Six regarding Davidson’s rehab stay, which he pursued due to struggles with borderline personality disorder and PTSD.

According to one of Davidson’s friends, “Pete regularly goes to rehab for ‘tune-ups’ and to take a mental break.”

Another close source emphasized: “Anyone who knows Pete knows that he will always step up and get help when he knows he needs it.” They added, “He has a lot of people in his corner who love him and support him, and are proud of him.”

Pete Davidson Revealed He Was ‘Diagnosed With BPD’ At 23

Atmosphere around the movie set of apos The Home apos

In a past conversation with actress Glenn Close as part of Variety’s Actors On Actors series, Davidson disclosed that he received a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder when he was 23.

He stated, “I got diagnosed with BPD a few years ago, and I was always just so confused all the time, and just thought something was wrong, and didn’t know how to deal with it.”

Amid all his troubles, Davidson’s dating life seems to be going relatively well. He recently entered a new romantic relationship with actress Madelyn Cline, just one month after his breakup with Chase Sui Wonders.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum and Cline spent a night together at the Beverly Hills Hotel and even had breakfast there the following morning, an insider told Us Weekly. The source described their interactions as low-key and casual, noting that they both wore baseball hats during their time together.

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