Pedro Pascal: The Mandalorian helmet is like blindness

“There’s no peripheral vision,” Pascal said of the “Star Wars” Disney+ appearance. “If there’s a hole, I fall into it.”

Pedro Pascal takes a weight off his shoulders – literally.

The star of the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian” revealed what he really looks like in the costume of Din Djarin, who plays the Mandalorian bounty hunter.

“It’s like putting on a head-to-toe glove with weights,” Pascal said Empire magazine. “It’s ironic that you don’t see any facial expressions because it puts you completely in the world and makes the character feel real right away, but you don’t see shit!”

Pascal added of the helmet: “They kept tweaking it and making it more comfortable, but it’s like going blind. Your breath completely fogs the narrow gap you can see through. No peripheral vision. If there’s a hole, I fall into it.

The “Last of Us” actor noted that once the Beskar takes off, he “instantly feels strong, protected, dangerous and protective.”

Pascal said before ScreenRant In 2022, that it was an “indescribable” experience to try on the helmet of “The Mandalorian” series for the first time. “It fits like a glove, like it’s a part of me, like the armor,” Pascal said. “It’s not difficult for me to move in it and it hardly restricts me. Only my facial expression suffers a little from the costume.”

“The Mandalorian” costume designer Shawna Trpcic told IndieWire that she was determined to take a “purist” approach to character clothing, especially when it came to dressing Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in the Season 2 finale.

“The texture, the spectacle and the beauty of the movement of the fabrics, that heaviness, the shawl is as much about the character as the performance of the character,” Trpcic said. “And I wanted to capture that.”

“The Mandalorian” Season 3 returns on March 1, and the trailer follows Pascal Din Djarinja’s struggle to possess the Dark Sword, created by the first Mandalorian Jedi.

In addition to the return of “The Mandalorian,” other upcoming “Star Wars” streaming series include the live-action show “Ahsoka,” starring Rosario Dawson, and “The Acolyte,” created by Leslye Headland and “Russian Doll” showrunner. Starring Jodie Turner-Smith, Lee Jung-Jae, Carrie-Anne Moss and Amandla Stenberg.

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