Paul Walker’s brother Cody names his son after the late actor

Paul Walker’s memory lives on for the next generation thanks to a heartwarming tribute from his younger brother, Cody Walker.

Before his tragic death in November 2013, the Hollywood sensation captured millions of hearts with his phenomenal portrayal of Brian O’Conner in the ‘Fast & Furious’ series. However, his performance in the action-packed series ended during the filming of the seventh episode.

Instead of letting the beloved character die alongside the actor, the showrunners enlisted the help of his TV brother to make “Furious 7.” Now, the California native is making sure his older brother remains a vital part of the Walker clan.

Paul Walker’s brother Cody names his newborn son after the late actor


Before the 10th anniversary of the death of the blue-eyed heartthrob, PEOPLE reported that his younger brother and sister-in-law honored his legacy with a touching gesture. The couple revealed that their third child was named after the late entertainer.

Paul Barrett (“Bear”) Walker arrived in Arizona on Sunday, April 30, weighing 7 pounds, four ounces. Like her older siblings, spouses waited until the baby was born to discover the gender of the child. However, it only took the proud parents twenty-four hours to find the perfect name for their son.

“This November will be ten years since we lost my brother Paul, and I felt like the time was right,” Cody admitted, adding that his late brother’s name is a significant part of the Walker family tree.

“My brother Caleb and I are both done having children. My brother Paul Paul William Walker IV. This name goes back four generations,” the TV personality continued, noting that it was crucial to keep his brother’s name alive for the next generation.

“Within the family, he was known as ‘Little Paul’ or ‘Pál 4’, despite the fact that he quickly outgrew our father in height. It was important for me to carry this name on,” concluded the California native.

In addition to Cody, the “Fast & Furious” family cherishes the memory of the late actor in the ongoing franchise. In the latest installment of the series, “Fast X”, the beloved character of Paul, as well as the family of the deceased, participated in the film.

Earlier this year, the director of the tenth sequel, Louis Leterrier, opened up about keeping the character of Brian O’Conner in the franchise. “Well, Brian is very much in the Fast and Furious world and he’s been teased a lot in the previous films,” the 49-year-old said.

Cody Walker for charity promotion in Warriewood, Australia

Referring to the last precedent, Leterrier continued: “At 9 we see the car coming. It’s something planned. This film jumps back and forth between the past and the present.”

This back-and-forth between past and present allows Cody to continue to stand in for his late brother. It was said to be a unanimous agreement that the “Abandoned Mine” star supported O’Conner’s vision for the franchise.

“You will see Brian in the past; you won’t see Brian in the present. It’s something everyone should be involved with,” Leterrier explained. “The Walker family is still a part of this franchise; in this movie you will see how. It just has to be the right moment, the right voice.”

Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow honored his legacy with a ‘Fast X’ camera

Weeks earlier, Meadow Walker, daughter of the late Into the Blue star, revealed that she was following in her father’s footsteps. The model quit the industry to pay tribute to the actor with a cameo in Fast X.

The 24-year-old took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes photo of her role in the tenth installment of the box office franchise. In the photo, the media personality appeared to be disguised as a flight attendant in her blue outfit, unlike the passengers on the plane.

the late Paul Walker and his brother Cody Walker

Meadow rocked her signature black bob with a center parting, accessorizing the formal ensemble with silver earrings. The runway alum captioned the stunning image with a lengthy caption expressing her gratitude to be a part of her late father’s legacy.

“A preview of the Fast X cameo. My first quickie came out when I was one year old! I grew up on set watching my dad, Vin, Jordana, Michelle, Chris and more on the monitors,” gushed the model.

Giving a special shout out to the “Timeline” star for making her a part of the beloved franchise, Meadow sweetly said, “Thanks to my dad, I was born into the Fast family. I can’t believe I can be up there now. With those who were around to see him grow up.”

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