Paris Jackson Increases Security After Frightening Incident

Paris Jackson is making sure that her alleged stalker doesn’t get a second chance. The singer recently had an individual trespass into the surroundings of her home while she was not around.

Per reports, she has filed a restraining order against who she claims is the stalker and also beefed up security measures at home.

It comes over a week after she responded to internet trolls who told her to kill herself on occasions when she did not pay a social media tribute to her late father on his birthday.

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‘Poor Paris’ Nerves Are Totally Shredded’

Paris Jackson
Instagram | Paris Jackson

According to Radar Online, Jackson has made moves to intensify her security after an incident with an alleged stalker at her residence in Los Angeles.

The said stalker, whose identity is not yet known, reportedly scaled the fence of the model and looked through her windows while she was away from home.

Per reports, the second child and only daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe were really perturbed by the incident and have now purchased several guard dogs hired more security guards, and also plan on attending self-defense classes.

“Paris is at her wits’ end thinking someone’s got her in their sights and seems intent on breaking in,” a source told the National Enquirer about the alleged incident.

The insider added, “She can barely sleep and has been crying non-stop. Poor Paris’ nerves are totally shredded… It’s horrible to see her worrying so much. Unless this stalker gets found soon, it could send her back over the edge!”

Paris Jackson Filed For A Restraining Order

Paris Jackson

TMZ reported that the intruder was spotted and confronted by one of Jackson’s friends, who was at the residence at the time. However, he escaped before the authorities arrived at the location.

In the meantime, Jackson has yet to make any public mention of the incident. It is also unclear if the police have opened an investigation into the incident or if any arrests have been made.

However, Jackson did file for a restraining order against a man whom she believes is the alleged stalker. She also claimed in the filing that the individual had been dropping unsolicited messages in her DMs for close to three years.

If granted, the individual would be required to stay at least 100 yards away from Jackson at any given time. He would also not be allowed to have any form of online communication with the model.

Paris Jackson Calls Out Internet Trolls 

Last month, Jackson took to Instagram to open up about being targeted by internet trolls whenever she refrains from posting a social media tribute to her late father and music icon on his birthday.

“There have been times when I don’t post anything for my dad’s birthday. And people lose their f**king mind,” the 25-year-old said in a clip posted on the platform. “They told me to kill myself and they’re basically measuring my love from my own father based off of what I post on Instagram.”

Jackson went on to explain that the late music icon wasn’t a fan of celebrating his birthday and avoided telling his kids the actual date because “he didn’t want us to, like, throw a party or anything like that.”

She then urged fans to honor her father’s memory by focusing on other societal issues like climate change and animal rights.

Fans React To Paris Jackson’s Post

amfAR Gala Los Angeles 2021

In the comment section of her post calling out fanatics, some of Jackson’s fans agreed with her response to the internet trolls and sympathized with her about the hate messages.

One fan said, “People expect a show for just about anything to prove one cares for something or someone, and it’s the dumbest crap ever.”

Another follower noted, “People think they love Michael more than Paris does. Paris will always love and know Michael more than them. He did so much to protect his kids from that kind of crap, and those people claim to love him while sending Paris hate messages.”

A third person stated, “It’s awful people keep making you explain yourself regarding shit that’s none of their business. Birthdays are just generally a big deal and people seem to struggle to understand that it may not be the same for everyone.”

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