Paris Jackson Defends Herself From Trolls Over Visible Armpit Hair

Paris Jackson cannot seem to catch a break from haters! The late King Of Pop’s daughter recently got body-shamed by internet trolls for not shaving her underarms.

The media personality is no stranger to mean comments, as her status as Michael Jackson‘s child made her an easy target for critics. However, attacking the 25-year-old did not mean she took the hits without retaliating.

While opening up about the negativity she had experienced over her lack of social media tributes to her late father, some fans took offense at the “Let Down” songstress’s display of body hair. Here is how the Beverly Hills beauty responded!

Paris Jackson Has The Best Clap Back For Those Mocking Her Armpit Hair

Tuesday, August 29, marked an emotional day in the model’s life as it was her father’s posthumous 65th birthday. The entertainer addressed the occasion on her Instagram page, sharing a heartfelt video about why she rarely honored the late icon’s big day on social media.

Paris Jackson explains why she didn't celebrate Michael Jackson's Posthumous birthday
Instagram | Paris Jackson

In the clip, the “American Horror Stories” actress rocked a sleeveless brown jumpsuit with her blonde tresses falling down her shoulders. The media personality did not seem fond of the messy hairstyle as she pulled it into a high bun.

While styling her hair, the “Beat It” hitmaker’s daughter flashed viewers her unshaved underarms, a brief moment that did not sit well with some of her followers. These critics called out the 25-year-old for choosing to keep body hair.

One commenter penned: “You made this whole video just to show you don’t shave your armpits. Lol, wow.” The individual’s quip caught Paris’s attention as she confidently replied: “Damn straight.” The Beverly Hills native also addressed the criticisms on her Twitter page.

According to the “Gringo” actress, she was not ashamed of her unshaven armpits as she had rocked the hairy look for some time. However, the video should not be mistaken as her flaunting her underarm choice; instead, she wished to show off another body part.

“I wasn’t tying my hair up to show off my armpit hair. I’ve not shaved it for years and forget it’s there all the time. Get over yourselves,” the model clapped back, adding: “I was pulling my hair up to show my glass-cutting jawline.”

The Top Indie Film Award winner’s message to haters received positive responses from her supporters. Many praised the blonde beauty for being real, while others advised her to ignore the haters and live her best life.

“Girrrl, you don’t have to explain shit to anybody…ppl these days are so hard to be satisfied. Love you, P!! Keep doing you,” someone declared. Another echoed similar sentiments, writing, “I didn’t even notice. That’s what happens when you focus on what a person is saying.”

According to a third, having armpit hair was a typical body feature that should not be judged. “I love your hair… All though I shave, we as women are meant to have armpit hair, its there for a reason. If not, we wouldn’t have it,” the individual penned, adding that people had been influenced into believing body hair was gross.

A fourth fan noted trolls frequently picked on Paris and advised the media personality to stop responding to their comments. “If it’s not one thing, it’s another. You didn’t need to explain yourself to begin with, but people just love to assume and talk about things that don’t even concern them,” the social media user claimed.

Michael Jackson’s Only Daughter Reveals People Told Her To ‘Kill’ Herself

As mentioned, the armpit hair drama occurred while the Beverly Hills native discussed fans’ misconceptions about her love for the late King of Pop. Before sharing the full video on her Instagram page, the 25-year-old shared snippets on her Stories.

Paris Jackson

In the first clip, the “Smooth Criminal” hitmaker’s daughter revealed the late entertainer had never been a fan of commemorating his birthdays. During his lifetime, the model claimed he disliked receiving wishes and hid his birthday from his kids.

Although the Hollywood Walk of Fame honoree was no longer around to be celebrated, the icon’s big day continued to receive love worldwide. While many did so through social media, Paris noted she did not and had been harshly criticized for this choice.

“If you don’t wish someone a happy birthday via social media, it apparently means that you don’t love them, you don’t care about them,” the blonde beauty confessed. “There have been times where I don’t post anything for my dad’s birthday, and people lose their f**king minds. They tell me to kill myself.”

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