Pamela Anderson says stolen sex tape still ‘really hurtful’

Pamela Anderson he thinks back to the 1995 sex tape scandal.

The actress opened up about the controversy in a new interview, sharing that she was deeply hurt that the video was leaked at the time. He also pointed out that the video was not intended for others and chose not to watch it.

The tape was recently featured in the Hulu series “Pam and Tommy.” Anderson recently revealed that the controversy at the center of the show made her sick and prompted her to take on her storyline.

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“I haven’t seen it until today”


Speaking with CBS Sunday Morning’s Jim Axelrod, Anderson revealed several intimate details of her personal life, including the 1995 sex tape scandal. People.

He acknowledged that while people may have different views, they should understand that it was “stolen property” and that it was only his and Tommy Lee’s, his then-partner’s, opinion.

“I mean, we were naked all the time, filming each other and fooling around, but these tapes weren’t seen by other people,” the actress said in a preview for the interview, which will be released on Sunday.

On second thought, Anderson said he chose not to watch the risque video, which a former employee stole and uploaded for the world to see.

“And I haven’t seen it until today,” Anderson noted, before saying, “It was very hurtful.”

Pamela Anderson says being a mother saved her

Pamela Anderson

On how she was able to survive the damaging effects of the leak, Anderson shared that being a mother helped her get through this difficult time.

“I was a mother. It saved me,” said Anderson, who has sons with Lee, Brandon, 26, and Dylan, 25. “You know, if I hadn’t been a mother, I don’t think I would have survived.

Hulu’s critically acclaimed series “Pam & Tommy” has drawn a lot of attention to the sex tape in recent years. The show focused on the Lee duo’s tumultuous three-year marriage, with particular focus on the infamous sex tape they secretly made during their honeymoon in Lake Mead.

Anderson, who was not involved in the production, is now fully committed to telling her own truth in her upcoming memoir Love, Pamela and the Netflix documentary “Pamela, A Love Story,” for which she was interviewed to promote.

Pamela Anderson wants to take control of the narrative

Pamela Anderson returned to Instagram with fresh fashion

In a pre-release trailer for her Netflix documentary, the actress broke her silence on resurrecting the “Pam & Tommy” sex tape.

The former Baywatch star, who previously had feelings about her role in ‘Pam and Tommy’, took the opportunity to get a lot off her chest.

“In order to survive, I blocked the stolen tape from my life. Now that it’s all coming up again, I feel bad,” Anderson said in one scene, per Mirror. “For the first time, I want to take control of the narrative. I didn’t feel like I had much respect.

He went on to praise his fighting spirit and tenacity, which helped him overcome all the “crazy” situations he found himself in the past.

He added: “I had to make a career out of the pieces that were left. But I’m not the damsel in distress. I put myself in crazy situations and survived them.”

“Pamela, A Love Story”

Pamela and Tommy Lee are the Internet's favorite cult couple

The actress has given everything to the success of the upcoming documentary, as described by the director, Ryan White.

The filmmaker informed me People in an interview that the sex idol “gave him and his team carte blanche to use the archive” to tell the story in the best possible way.

Describing her relationship with him on set, White said Anderson was “very experiential and always on the move”. He added: “I describe it as a fairy who is always floating. So when it comes to filming, he was up for anything because he loves adventure.”


The director also shared that he chose not to play a role in influencing the film, leaving everything in the hands of the crew.

White said: “He had absolutely no input in terms of editing. He’s not interested in seeing the final film, because for him it’s the experience of making something and staying in that moment.”

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