Pamela Anderson revealed her red ‘Baywatch’ swimsuit still fits

Hollywood star Pamela Anderson she’s still that smoking hot chick from ‘Baywatch’ and even her iconic hot red swimsuit proves it. The actress recently revealed that she still has the infamous one piece from the show and it fits perfectly.

Anderson also shared that she sometimes wears the suit to parties, and shared that she once did so in heels.

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Pamela Anderson still has her Baywatch swimsuit

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson recently interviewed him ET Canada and revealed that she still has the famous hot red one from Baywatch. The actress’ character CJ Parker wore the iconic swimsuit on the hit ’90s show, and Anderson says it still fits her today.

He said: “I had a pair at the time. Now there is only one and it fits. I post it from time to time. It still fits!” Anderson explained that she sometimes wears it as a party trick when she’s hosting or being invited somewhere.

The actress recalled: “One time I was out with my friends with Luke Gilford, this photographer, and I was at a party with him. I remember them saying, “Where’s Pamela?” So I jumped in the shower and came out soaking wet and gave everyone mouth to mouth.” He added that he did it all in “high heels”!

One of her famous swimsuits was stolen earlier

Pamela Anderson

During your conversation with him Fun tonight, Anderson confirmed the story she previously shared in her novel about how she lost one of her iconic swimsuits. The interviewer said, “There was a story in the book where someone broke into his home and walked out of the home wearing it!” And Anderson answered, “yes.”

The “Home Improvement” star came clean about the infamous red swimsuits shortly after donning them on the red carpet. At the premiere of her documentary Pamela, A Love Story, Anderson wore a red beaded Naeem Khan bodycon dress with a plunging neckline.

Pamela Anderson is booked and busy

Pamela Anderson

Anderson has been very busy lately promoting her new documentary and her recently released memoir. memoir Love, Pamela: A Memoir of Prose, Poetry, and Truth revisits some of the central experiences of the actress’ life.

On the red carpet of the premiere of the documentary, Anderson spoke People Magazine about what it’s been like to explore his past through his recent projects. He said: “Of course it’s emotional for me. Just these wonderful memories and difficult memories too. But I wanted to get back into those feelings and feel those feelings.”

In addition to the memoir and documentary, Anderson was recently featured in a very steamy magazine feature for Interview Magazine. One photo shows the sex symbol naked on a white couch with Rapunzel-like hair extensions down her back and sides.

She refuses plastic surgery

Pamela Anderson at the 2019 AmfAR Cannes Gala at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

While the Armchair expert In a podcast hosted by Dax Shepard, Anderson revealed that she has no plans to get plastic surgery on her face or body to look younger. The ‘Barb Wire’ actress said: ‘I’ve never felt like a big beauty, no. It just looks a little funny”

When asked by the interviewer how she thinks of aging as sexy, Anderson replied that she’s excited to see what she’ll look like when she’s older. He said lawsuit People“I’ve always said that I recognize myself in the mirror when I’m old. I want to let my hair go gray naturally and wear my little straw hat and no makeup. I mean, this is my comfortable state.”

Anderson also spoke about women’s general fear of aging and losing their youthful appearance. She said: “A lot of these classically beautiful women have a very hard time aging. I don’t think it’s that hard for me and I don’t want to chase it and do all this crazy shit to myself.”

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