Pamela Anderson Recalls Moment A Stalker Wore Her Red Bikini

Pamela Anderson recounted a disturbing experience with a devoted French fan who trespassed into her Malibu home in 2001, wearing her iconic red “Baywatch” bikini. The fan, Christine Roth, was arrested after the incident.

In a new interview, the blond bombshell revealed she was preparing a room for her father when she learned of the intruder in her bed. The obsessed fan confessed her desire to touch Anderson and had numerous clothes stashed under the bed.

Despite cutting her wrists with glass, the fan was eventually deported. Anderson claimed the police downplayed the danger because the stalker fan “was a girl.”

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Pamela Anderson Recalls Encounter With A Stalker Fan

Pamela Anderson
Instagram | Baywatch TV

Pamela Anderson recently shared a peculiar incident from her life when a devoted French fan named Christine Roth, 27 was arrested in 2001 for trespassing into her Malibu home.

Anderson, who became the face of Canadian brand Aritzia’s winter clothing range, recounted the event in a chat with The Sun, saying, “My mum was in hospital and my dad was coming into town so I was preparing a room for him when someone came upstairs and said, ‘Pamela, there is someone sleeping in your bed.’ I was thinking, ‘Very Goldilocksy,’ like maybe it was my brother’s wife or maybe someone sneaked in the back door.”

The mum-of-two continued, “We went into the room and there was a woman wearing my red bathing suit and speaking French, blonde hair — and then she gave me a letter saying she wanted to touch me and she was there for that, and she had a lot of my clothes under the bed.” 

Anderson’s stalker’s note read, “I’m not a lesbian, but I dream of you.”

The crazy incident escalated when the woman cut her wrists with glass, leading Anderson to evacuate with her kids.

Pamela Anderson’s Stalker Was Deported To France

Pamela Anderson at AmfAR Cannes Gala 2019 at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

Anderson shared additional details about the incident, revealing several small items had vanished, like bread and her jean jacket, causing her to question her sanity. The room the intruder came in from had an external entrance from the beach.

The obsessed French fan was eventually deported to France, and Anderson was relieved to see her leave. She added, “Anyway, she was deported back to France and she had some issues, and her family was happy to have her back and I was happy to see her go.”

When the cops asked the “Baywatch” star if she wanted to retrieve her bathing suit from the intruder, she declined the offer, stating, “No, it’s OK, thank you very much though. Just give it to her!’”

The Cops Said She Wasn’t In Danger Because Her Stalker ‘Was A Girl’

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Anderson revealed that her encounter led to a conversation with the police, who downplayed the danger since the intruder was a woman. “The police said, ‘Well, you really weren’t in that much ­danger because she was a girl,’” she recalled.

While dismissing this notion, the 56-year-old emphasized that women are still capable of harm. “I was like, ‘How does that make it less dangerous?’ Women can still murder people,” she noted.

Reflecting on the incident, Anderson added, “There were lots of scary moments, but somehow I skate through everything and I am still here.”

Pamela Anderson Reminisces About Her Bridal Bikini

Pamela Anderson Wows Fans With Make-up Free Photo
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During the interview, Anderson also reminisced about her two beach weddings, where she donned a white bridal bikini. Her first wedding to Tommy Lee, the Motley Crue drummer, took place in Mexico in 1995.

The “Barb Wire” actress revealed that her affinity for wearing bikinis on the beach stems from that experience, stating, “There’s always a bikini under anything I’m wearing if I’m at the beach. It’s definitely inspired by my wedding on the beach the first time, in Cancun.”

She humorously mentioned that her decision to marry was spontaneous: “It was a bikini, it was white, I was on the beach. I was like, ‘Let’s get ­married.’”

Her marriage to Lee produced two sons, Brandon Thomas Lee, 27, and Dylan Jagger Lee, 25.

Anderson repeated the look for her second wedding to rapper Kid Rock in St Tropez, France, in 2006. However, their marriage ended in divorce after just a year.

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