Pamela Anderson claims kid rock freaked out over her ‘Borat’ cameo

Rock reportedly called Anderson a “whore” after a private screening of “Borat” with Spielberg, Laird Hamilton and Rick Rubin.

Pamela Anderson says ex-husband Kid Rock despised her ‘Borat’ cameo.

The “Baywatch” alum wrote in her memoir, “Love, Pamela,” that following a private screening at CAA founder and former NBCUniversal VP Ron Meyer’s home with Steven Spielberg, Rock (aka Robert “Bob” James Ritchie) yelled at Anderson and calling her a “whore” among other statements.

“We were about to move in by the time Borat premiered,” Anderson wrote of her relationship with Rock. “The screening at Ron and Kelly Meyer’s house did not go well. Many important industry people were in attendance: Steven Spielberg, Rick Rubin, Laird Hamilton and his wife Gabby Reece. I didn’t tell Bob I was in the movie because I wanted to surprise him.”

He continued: “I forgot the part of the movie that referred to the ‘sex tape’. Bob stormed out and called me a whore and worse. He was confused and his reaction was not thought through. Laird shouted, “Don’t be mad at Superwoman when she rips off her cape!” After I chased Bob to his car, he peeled off and left me alone. I turned back and apologized, then asked if someone could take me home.

Anderson added: “When I walked in, Bob had smashed a photograph on the wall. He said he was tired of waking up every day to a picture of me and (my photographer friend) David LaChapelle. But not me and David, but Marilyn Monroe and Bert Stern. We broke up. I haven’t kept in touch with Bob.

“Borat” writer-director-star Sacha Baron Cohen previously said that the 2006 comedy ultimately led to Rock and Anderson’s split. The film debuted in theaters on November 3, and the couple filed for divorce on November 27.

“Kid Rock saw the movie and I texted Pamela Anderson and said, ‘How did it go? What was he thinking?” Cohen said in 2019. “And he texted back, ‘You’re divorcing because of the movie.’

Cohen added: “I thought it was a joke, but then a few weeks later they divorced and put the word ‘Wine’ as the reason for the divorce. So he had some victims.”

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