Pamela Anderson calls Pam & Tommy team assholes and says they owe her an apology

“The idea of ​​the whole thing happening was very devastating to me,” Anderson said.

Pamela Anderson will never watch the Hulu series “Pam & Tommy,” but she has some words for the filmmakers behind it.

Based on the events surrounding the infamous sex tape between Anderson and her then-husband Tommy Lee, “Pam & Tommy” received 10 Emmy nominations and marked a critically acclaimed turn for Lily James as Anderson. Sebastian Stan played Tommy Lee, and the executive producer was Seth Rogen, the disgruntled construction worker who unknowingly stole the banned VHS tape.

“Assheads,” Anderson said without naming them directly Species cover story. “Salt on the wound.”

He added: “He still owes me a public apology.”

The series was created by Robert Siegel and DV DeVincentis and directed by Craig Gillespie; It was co-creator Siegel’s first foray into television. While the first images of “Pam & Tommy” immediately went viral for James’ creepy transformation into Anderson, the real-life “Baywatch” icon was not impressed.

“It looked like a Halloween costume to me,” she said.

Anderson’s Netflix documentary “Pamela, A Love Story” tells the true story from her perspective. Anderson added that she invited “Pam & Tommy” star James to the premiere.

“I think it’s hard to play someone if you don’t know the whole picture. Nothing against Lily James,” Anderson said. “I think she’s a beautiful girl and she just did this job. But the thought of it all happening was very devastating to me.”

“Pam & Tommy” co-creator Siegel previously told IndieWire that he was “excited” and “definitely curious” about “Pamela, A Love Story.”

Co-creator DeVincentis added that the production was always “on (Anderson’s) side” of events.

“He was our hero. He was also our number one audience,” DeVincentis said. “We tried to reach him every step of the way. We didn’t hear back from him. Everyone on the show decided to move on because we knew our hearts were more than in the right place and we would take care of it. Honestly, he’s my number one audience, and every day I wanted to get up and go to work for him to love that. So I hope he does.”

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