Oscars 2023: Best Picture Nominees, Ranked from Worst to Best

From the spectacular to the bizarre (and everything, everywhere, in between), we attempt one last critical appraisal of the year’s biggest contenders.

The end of every awards season often comes with, more than anything, a sigh of relief. After months of campaigning, talking endlessly about the same films and performances and crafts, hearing the same stories over and over, it’s all too easy to feel eager to move on from them. What the ignores (or, at least forgets) is the very reason why these are the films that have been singled out for fêting during this season: because they’re the best of 2022’s offerings.

So, step back from the nominations, wins, and other forms of seasonal adulation, and consider the quality of the films that have reached the upper echelons of cinema in recent months. No matter how you feel about the 1o films nominated in this year’s Best Picture race, this assortment of titles boasts some serious range: we’ve got festival favorites, two (!!) sequels, indie offerings, studio pictures, biopics, comedies, dramas, romances, remakes, and adaptations, and those are just the easiest terms to classify them by.

Before these movies are forever transformed by the context of whatever happens on Sunday night, we’ve decided to look at each of them head-on for one last time; not as winners or also-rans, but as a microcosm of the films that enthralled audiences, fans, cinephiles, critics, prognosticators, and more over the last few months.

From the spectacular to the bizarre (and everything, everywhere, in between), here are all of the Best Picture nominees of 2023, ranked from worst to best.

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