Oscar nominees 2023: The most popular at the annual luncheon

Tom Cruise took a lot of selfies at the Oscar nominees luncheon this week, but he wasn’t the only star in attendance.

As the annual gathering at the Beverly Hilton culminated with a class photo where the nominees were called in one by one, the volume of applause varied across the wide range of films. And while Cruise was certainly appreciated, many other contestants received more applause. IndieWire’s own Marcus Jones was in the room and reported on what he saw at the event.

On this episode of Screen Talk, he joins Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson to share some recaps on which films and artists received the loudest receptions. As reported earlier this week, Everything Everywhere All at Once was arguably the most popular group in the room, but there were several surprises in other categories.

The trio also discuss the three short film categories, sharing their favorites among the nominees and which one wins the most. (Watch here if you want to win your Oscar!) Finally, Jones and Thompson share some of their experiences during the busy weekend of Oscar events at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Watch the full episode above or listen below.

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