Oscar De La Hoya was sued by his former PR director

American boxing promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, will be sued.

The former employee of the 50-year-old professional boxer claims that he was unfairly dismissed.

in legal documents obtained by The explosionIn 2006, De La Hoya followed Gonzalez to join Golden Boy Promotions, Inc.

Oscar De La Hoya’s former PR director is suing him!

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At the time, Ramiro Gonzalez was a respected and trusted syndicated sports writer La Opinion, enjoys an excellent reputation within the sports community. With promises of luck and lifelong support, Mr. De La Hoya eventually convinced Mr. Gonzalez to leave his position La Opinion. In In 2007, Gonzalez joined Golden Boy Promotions as Director of Public Relations.

Gonzalez claims that he was an “integral” part of the team and that his “responsibilities included writing and managing PR.”

Ramiro Gonzalez claims Oscar subjected him to illegal behavior

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According to the documents, “Mr. Gonzalez considered leaving the company several times. However, Mr. De La Hoya repeatedly assured him that he would be taken care of for the rest of his life and that he would always have a job at Golden Boy guaranteed. Although Mr. Gonzalez originally signed with Golden Boy Promotions, Mr. De La Hoya and the company subsequently ignored the terms of the contract. They trusted their continued promises of lifelong support and employment. Mr. Gonzalez has been instrumental in the success of Golden Boy Promotions by helping to acquire great fighters such as Canelo Alvarez.”

Gonzalez alleges that De La Hoya subjected her to inappropriate behavior and asked her to assist in illegal activities or cover up.

This pattern of behavior demonstrates a hostile work environment that exacerbated the harm Mr. Gonzalez suffered. In light of these facts, Mr. Gonzalez was wrongfully terminated and subjected to age discrimination (age 66), a hostile work environment, and other violations of his rights under the FEHA.

He is suing for wrongful termination and unspecified damages

Gonzalez is seeking reinstatement, back pay, damages for emotional distress and any other relief deemed just and appropriate by the court.

He is suing for unpaid wages, compensatory damages, punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

The legal documents did not mention specific damages.

As a direct and immediate result of Defendant’s unlawful conduct and continued harassment, Plaintiff has suffered and will suffer injuries, including, but not limited to, permanent pain and suffering, stress, sleep disturbance, anxiety, confusion, humiliation, loss of physical integrity. low self-esteem, depression, and extreme and severe mental anguish and emotional distress; and the plaintiff suffered loss of earnings and other employment benefits.

Gonzalez further alleges that Golden Boy Promotions, Inc. and Oscar De La Hoya wrongfully terminated plaintiff Ramiro Gonzalez’s employment; The plaintiff suffered damages, including loss of income, emotional distress and damage to her professional reputation.

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