Oscar 2023 recap: Why was this Oscar season so good?

Well, it happened: after a very long awards season, the 95th Academy Awards finally happened on Sunday.

Despite some categories that were a bit difficult to predict, few would have expected any film to win Best Picture except for Everything Everywhere At Once. The film dominated in most of its categories, including a few contenders such as Best Original Screenplay, while “All Quiet on the Western Front” performed well in the major craft categories (including Best International Feature Film).

In the meantime, no one got slapped, all the correct winners were announced, and ratings went up. Most of the drama involved a big white dress worn by singer Tems, an awkward Hugh Grant interview on the champagne carpet, and the champagne carpet (OK, maybe it was beige).

On this week’s episode of Screen Talk, Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson discuss their experience of being on the show, why it was a mostly satisfying show, and some of the night’s biggest wins. They also touch on the dominance of “Everything Everywhere” distributor A24 and what they plan to focus on now that the Oscar talk is finally behind them.

Watch the full episode above or listen below.

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