Onward Review: The Adventure of Pixar full of Magic

Onward Review

Criticism of Onward, Pixar’s magical adventure about Ian and Barley Lightfoot, two brothers who will embark on a desperate mission to complete a spell and be able to recover their deceased father for at least one day.

Onward is the new production of Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Dan Scanlon (Monsters University) Onward has in its original version the voices of Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer, Ali Wong, Lena Waithe, and Mel Rodriguez, whom we can also recognize in the designs of the film (especially Holland and Pratt) and those who do a spectacular dubbing job to bring their characters to life.

And what is Onward about and what can we expect from this new animated film?

This new Pixar adventure transports us to a fantasy world populated by centaurs, trolls and all kinds of creatures and in which once upon time magic was a common gift. Over time, magic has been forgotten and turned into little more than ancient history. Ian and Barley, two elf brothers, receive a wizard’s staff as a gift from their father, who died long ago and whom Ian did not even know.

Along with that cane, the gift includes a spell that will bring his father back for 24 hours so that the family spends a day together for the last time … But when the brothers use the spell, they only manage to return their father’s legs, so Ian and Barley will embark on an epic mission before time runs out. And of course, things are not going to be easy and there will be more than one complication along the way.

The magical world of Onward

Onward’s story centers on Ian, who is afraid of everything, and Barley, who is not afraid of anything. The family, as you can imagine, is central to this adventure about yearnings, family relationships and finding your place in the world.

In many ways, Onward presents us with themes that we already know and that we have seen in other coming-of-age stories, but the packaging in which Scanlon presents it to us is one of the greatest virtues of this animated film.

Precisely the fantastic world of this animated film is what makes it so interesting, mixing elements of the most classic fantasy with its urban and modern counterparts, with mermaids hanging out in inflatable pools and unicorn assaulting garbage cans.

The world of Onward catches you with every little detail and you want to know more and more about it … and that, of course, it gives plenty of material for sequels or spin-offs with a character and stage design full of creativity and with palettes Really beautiful color.

Onward is an old-fashioned adventure, respecting the classic rules of the epic missions of every good fantasy story, and that it has also been known to climb the Dungeons and Dragons resurrection cart, with all kinds of references that in more than For a moment they make us feel part of a role-playing game.

All this, together with the consistent rhythm, the soundtrack, and the well-measured comedy touches, make this Pixar movie an exciting and epic adventure full of magic.

An adventure full of emotions

Of course, let’s not forget that we are facing a Pixar movie, and from this animation studio they know well how to tighten the nuts to appeal to the iciest little heart in the world. Onward is full of comedy, humor, and adventure, but it also has many moments in which your heart shrinks and you get excited with the characters, whose charisma and how close they seem to end up getting into the story. Ian and Barley and the incredible chemistry of their interpreters are the glue that holds together all these elements that at first might not end up fitting.

For those who have lost a loved one, or who have grown up hearing one’s stories, this animated film will touch some buttons that may make you need scarves. Unfortunately, in some moments it also becomes too flat and not very subtle with what you want to sell. Although Onward’s third act is really emotional, much of the tension stays in the way and the resolution comes a bit steep in that way, without really getting to fear for the fate of the characters.

This new Pixar movie is presented as an adventure full of emotions for the whole family, which although it can deflate at specific moments, get your world full of magic and fantasy to catch you completely.

Onward arrives at the movie theaters in Spain on March 6, and although it may not be one of the most memorable productions of the studio, it does promise to become a small animated gem by this 2020.


An epic adventure full of magic and emotions, with an emotional story like only Pixar, can tell. The fantasy world is really interesting, and along with the bond of the two brothers is the strong point of the film, although the resolution is very rushed in the last quarter.

The Best

Onward’s fantasy world, with twists and winks to all kinds of fantastic creatures we already know. The humor and the rhythm of the plot.


Although he plays well with them, he sometimes falls into too many clichés. The resolution comes a bit abrupt and there is no real sense of danger.