One Direction’s Liam Payne celebrates 100 days of sobriety

Former star of One Direction Liam Payne recently celebrated 100 days of sobriety. The musician said that his struggles with alcohol addiction began years ago, when he was still a member of the band.

In June 2021, Payne revealed that he frequently experienced “severe” suicidal thoughts and mental health issues. The singer is now focusing on his future and has announced that he is working on an album and wants to tour.

Liam’s sober confession comes after he and girlfriend Kate Cassidy ended their relationship.

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Liam Payne celebrates 100 days of sobriety

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Liam Payne recently participated in the KSI vs. Joe Fournier at a fight in London and spoke to iFL TV about his journey to sobriety. The One Direction alum revealed he celebrated his 100th day of sobriety and is “feeling amazing” ahead of the milestone.

He said lawsuit Oh! news“I feel really, really good and the support from the fans and everything has been really, really good. So I’m very happy.” During a 2021 interview with “Diary of a CEO,” Payne also discussed his journey to sobriety.

She said: “It wasn’t until I saw myself that I was like, ‘OK, I’ve got to get myself sorted. It was like some pictures of me on a boat and I’m all bloated and I call it pills and booze… My face was ten times bigger than it is now. And I just didn’t like myself too much, so I changed it.”

His battle with addiction began a long time ago

One Direction at the 2014 BBC Music Awards

Payne also revealed that he began his battle with alcohol addiction during his time in One Direction. He said: “That’s the problem we had in the band – and I don’t blame anyone for that. I don’t want it to sound like I’m whining or moaning, “Oh my God, look at my life!” But I feel like when we were in the band, the best way to secure us because it got so big was to lock ourselves in a room. And of course what’s in the room? With a minibar.”

The “Bedroom Floor” singer also said that her habit of turning to the minibar “seemed to continue for many years of my life.” Payne noted that when he reflects on how long he’s been drinking, he knows it’s been “a long time” and “it’s been wild.”

During a 2021 interview with Steven Bartlett on the “Diary of a CEO” podcast, Payne revealed that he suffered from “severe” suicidal thoughts. When asked if he had suicidal thoughts, the singer said: “Yes. There are definitely some things I’ve never discussed about him. It was very, very serious.”

Liam Payne Thinking About The Future

Liam Payne leaves the CR Fashion Book X Redemption party at Paris Fashion Week 2020

Speaking to iFL TV, Payne also revealed his focus on the future, which means new music. He said: “I made an album for a change, which is a lot of fun. It was good.”

Payne spoke about her excitement for the release of her new music and said she “definitely wants to tour”. He further said, “Because I wasn’t sure I was going to tour for a long time. I was a bit over it. But I’m really excited to get back on the road and see all the fans and deal with it. It will be fun.”

He recently split from his girlfriend Kate Cassidy

Liam Payne defends girlfriend Kate Cassidy against troll, saying he's only dating her for money
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Payne’s 100-day sobriety comes shortly after he broke up with girlfriend Kate Cassidy. The former couple lived together in their London home, but Kate moved back to America with her family. Sources claimed that there was no bad blood between Payne and Kate and that they had “mutually” decided to split.

An insider said The Sun Magazine, “There wasn’t a big fight or anything — he just ran his way and they both decided to go their separate ways. Liam knows it’s the right decision, he’s thrown himself into his music and the rest of the year is full of work.”

Payne and Kate were last seen together in April this year when they attended a PrettyLittleThing showroom presentation. The duo debuted their romance last October and made their red carpet debut at the British Fashion Awards that year.

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