“On the road” trailer: Micheál Richardson is a tortured filmmaker

Brady Corbet is executive producing the directorial debut of Vox Lux actress Sophie Lane Curtis.

Filmmaker Sophie Lane Curtis makes her directorial debut with ‘On Our Way’, another collaboration with Brady Corbet following her roles in ‘Childhood of a Leader’ and ‘Vox Lux’.

Actress Curtis co-stars in On Our Way, which she also wrote. The film follows a director (Micheál Richardson, son of Liam Neeson) who struggles with the loss of the love of his life (Curtis) while struggling to accept his latest script. Blending past, present and fantasy, the film explores art’s ability to heal inspirational wounds.

On Our Way was filmed in New York and the South of France, with Keith Powers, James Badge Dale, Jordana Brewster, Vanessa Redgrave, Franco Nero, Paul Ben-Victor and Ruby Modine. The film is released by Gravitas Ventures.

“Vox Lux” director Corbet is executive producing the film alongside Mona Fastvold, Robert Bricker, Grafton Reyes Doyle, Courtney B. Turke, Jill Matlock Hall of Matlock Entertainment, Melissa Rossaki and Keanu Mayo, and with Paola. Paulin, Liz Cardenas, Jillian Houghton and Rocco Bovo.

The film is produced by Siena Oberman (Artemis Pictures), John Reyes Doyle and Julio Lopez Velasquez (Tomorrowland Productions), Heliya Alam, Andrea Bucko (SugarRush Pictures) and Kyle Stroud (Carte Blanche). Adam G. Simon, Joe Barbagallo (BarBHouse Productions) and Alex Safdie (Commonwealth Pictures) are also producing.

On Our Way had its international premiere at Tallinn Black Nights and the Ischia Global Film Festival, winning Curtis Best Director and Richardson Best Actor.

Executive producer Corbet announced his next film in 2020, “The Brutalist,” starring Joel Edgerton, Sebastian Stan, Vanessa Kirby, Marion Cotillard and Mark Rylance. The film director writes and directs the film being made. Corbet also directed Maya Hawke’s music video for Thérèse in July 2022.

On Our Way opens in theaters on May 19 and is courtesy of Gravitas Ventures.

Watch the trailer below.

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