Offset Reveals Cardi B’s Wife Helped Him Stop Slimming

Offset recently talked about her marriage cardi b and said it helped him stop his skinny addiction. In an interview SpeciesThe rapper described his wife as his best friend and said she “always has my back, good or bad.”

Cardi was also featured in the interview and said that she appreciates that Offset always cares about his family. In 2019, the couple had problems due to Offset’s infidelity, and Cardi even filed for divorce the following year.

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Offset says Cardi B changed his life

Cardi B praises her community service experience
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In a recently published cover interview Species, Offset reflected on his six-year marriage to Cardi B. The Migos rapper said their relationship helped him stop his lean addiction, which he battled for years. Lean combines codeine, soda, promethazine, cough syrup and candy.

He said: “I went to bed skinny. I drank throughout my career. It opened my mind, but I never thought it would help create. I want to move past this, clean it up and get this message out.”

Offset said Cardi is his “best friend” who he knows has always “had my back, for better or for worse.” He said that as a couple they work to improve each other. The rapper added, “Social is her forte, so I listen to her social advice. And I, this music, but I play behind the scenes; my wife, so I want to make sure she wins.”

Offset said that he and Cardi made a “great team” and were “considered a powerhouse right now — icon status.” The “Clout” rapper added that because they believe in God and family, they “will always win.”

Cardi B says she fully supports the offset

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Cardi B was also featured in the Species interview and talked about his favorite qualities in Offset. She said: “What I appreciate about my husband is that whatever problems I have personally or professionally, I know he will take care of me and our family. It’s taken care of. I know I have someone who really has my back.”

The “Money” rapper also said he has his “full support” for Offset in his “next chapter in his music career.” The “Bad and Boujee” star is working on his second solo album outside of his rap group Migos.

Since Offset and Cardi got married in 2017, they have two children, five-year-old Kulture and two-year-old Wave. In 2019, the celebrity couple had problems due to Offset’s reported infidelity, and Cardi even filed for divorce in 2020. However, their divorce was eventually “dismissed without prejudice” and the couple reconciled.

She previously filed for divorce

Cardi B and her husband Offset

Recently on “The Jason Lee Show,” Cardi reflected on the difficult times in her and Offset’s relationship and discussed how they got through it. He said: “Me and Offset haven’t seen eye to eye. That was, for example, the year I filed for divorce and everything.”

Cardi explained to host Jason Lee that she made sure Offset changed the behavior that was causing them problems. She said: “The main thing is that I wanted him to stop and everything, he stopped and changed and that showed me that he wanted to change for me.”

Offset tips for working with Cardi B

Cardi B, shift

As Offset and his team work on their upcoming album, the follow-up to his 2019 solo debut project, anticipation surrounds his cast. According to so far Notice boardthe upcoming album features Travis Scott, Chloe Bailey, Future, Latto and a song with the late TakeOff.

During his interview, Offset teased a possible collaboration with Cardi on the album. The pair have worked together several times before, including 2019’s “Clout” and two Migos songs, “Motorsport” and “Type Sh*t.”

However, Offset avoided discussing the album’s tracks, which are slated for release this summer. Finally, a representative from Capitol Records spoke to him Species and said the rapper made a “phenomenal” album. They said: “We can’t wait for the world to hear your masterpiece. We are currently working on the release design and will have big news to share soon!”

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