OceanGate co-founder challenged James Cameron over Titan Sub

Co-founder OceanGate, Guillermo Söhnlein, spoke in defense of the late Stockton Rush. Söhnlein criticized the director of “Titanic”. James Cameron for his statements about the underwater tragedy. He said the media reports were wrongly based on the words of Cameron and some others.

Cameron stressed that the carbon fiber material used in the Titan submersible is widely unsafe. Söhnlein challenged the famous director by saying that he “knows nothing about OceanGate”.

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James Cameron knows nothing about OceanGate

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Guillermo Söhnlein, co-founder of OceanGate, responded to criticism of the company amid the tragedy of the submarine Titan. While talking Insider, criticized “Titanic” director James Cameron, who blamed the company’s poor safety procedures for the disaster.

Söhnlein claimed that “the whole media spin about how unsafe (the expedition) was is based on David Lockridge, Will Kohnen of the Marine Technology Society, Jim Cameron, who knows nothing about this stuff…and Karl Stanley.” Four people.”

He added that Cameron is “a very experienced oceanographer and an undercover himself, but he doesn’t know anything about OceanGate and stuff like that.”

James Cameron, the director of

The Titan tragedy occurred when a submarine that went missing on June 18 exploded, killing all five passengers on board.

Stockton Rush, the company owned by one of the dead passengers, British billionaire Hamish Harding, British-Pakistani father and son Shahzada Dawood and Suleman Dawood, and French Titanic expert Paul-Henri Nargeolet.

Söhnlein, a 58-year-old Argentine-American businessman, founded the expedition company OceanGate in 2009 with the late Rush.

People have expressed concern about the submarine’s safety

James Cameron, the director of

After it was confirmed that the sub had exploded, several people revealed that they had warned Rush about the Titan’s safety. Kohnen, president of the Marine Technology Society, reportedly sent Rush a letter saying he had misled the public about the submersible meeting industry safety standards.

Stanley, an expert on submersibles, also revealed that he took a test trip with the Titan in 2019 and was concerned about its safety at the time. He said Rush was “designing a mousetrap for billionaires.” Meanwhile, Lochridge was fired from OceanGate after he allegedly raised concerns that “non-destructive testing” had not been carried out on the Titan’s hull.

However, Söhnlein insisted that the four men’s criticism was a “vocal minority”. He said: “Over 15 years, the company probably employs 200 people and has lost dozens of people. And you only hear from four people. He claimed that hundreds of others “are not speaking up who disagree with these four.”

Guillermo Söhnlein talks about the deep sea diving community

OceanGate reveals five 'Titan' passengers dead: 'Sadly lost'

One of Cameron’s major criticisms of the Titan submersible was its carbon fiber design. The celebrated deep-sea explorer said that carbon fiber is known as an unsafe material in the deep-sea diving community. During a recent interview Times RadioSöhnlein agreed with Cameron’s statement that the deep-sea diving community is small.

He said lawsuit Daily Mail, “We all know each other. I think we all respect each other in general. But as you would expect in such a community, there are completely different opinions about how things should be done – how submersibles should be designed, how they should be designed, how they should operate during dives.”

At the same time, he emphasized that among the experts who have spoken since the tragedy, including himself, he has no actual knowledge. He said: “None of us were involved in the design, engineering or testing of submarines. That way, no one can speculate from the outside.”

He slammed James Cameron for calling the OceanGate team reckless

James Cameron, the director of

In his belt Times Radio in an interview, Söhnlein called on Cameron and the other experts to tell OceanGate was reckless. He said he was involved early in the development of the company’s submersibles and knew for sure that they were “extremely committed to safety and risk reduction.”

Söhnlein also defended Stockton against criticism of his use of carbon fiber for submarines. He said“The world only had one great expert in getting carbon fibers into the deep oceans, and he’s gone.”

Regardless of his claims, Cameron insisted that the submarine had “three potential points of failure”. The decision to use carbon fiber for the hull and cylinder was the Titan’s “Achilles heel,” he said.

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