Nicole Scherzinger Slammed For ‘Insensitive’ Snaps Amid Maui Tragedy

With the Maui wildfires devastation being labeled the deadliest in modern U.S. history, stars with Hawaiian roots like Jason Momoa and Dwayne Johnson have spoken up, trying to do their bit. At the same time, Nicole Scherzinger is being slammed for sharing vacay bikini snaps and fans feel that this is a bit tone-deaf right now.

Nicole Scherzinger Deemed “Bit Insensitive” For Bikini Serve

Nicole Scherzinger called insensitive for bikini serve amidst Maui fires
Instagram | Nicole Scherzinger

The island of Maui has been devastated and people are looking towards celebrities with Hawaiian roots to do their bit. After a week of relative silence, the former Pussycat Dolls singer posted a few bikini snaps of her just a few hours ago. She rocked a white monokini with massive cutouts, also sporting a blue wrap in some shots, posed against the edge of an infinity pool. Behind her, cool blue waters dotted with yachts and ships made a pretty picture, but not everybody is a fan of this beauty, at least not right now.

Scherzinger looks hot as always, showing off that perfectly lean body with just the right amount of curves. But some social media users seem to have a problem with these pictures right now, mostly because she has Hawaiian roots and with the Maui tragedy toll rising, some are finding this bikini serve a tad tone-deaf.

Wrote one Instagram user, “I don’t want to seem somehow. It doesn’t change anything but I just think it’s a bit insensitive bearing in mind what’s happening in your country.” Another chimed, “So all of a sudden you know longer thinking abt the people of Hawaii.”

The fact is, it’s not as a bikini-share proves that Scherzinger is not doing her bit for Hawaii, given that she also posted an appeal three days ago:

Fans Vociferously Defend Nicole Scherzinger From Personal Attack

Nicole Scherzinger called insensitive for bikini serve amidst Maui fires
Instagram | Nicole Scherzinger

In her bikini post, Scherzinger wrote the caption, “Swipe ⬅️ to see the real me in the last two slides. Real goof girl S–t.” If you do swipe on the slides as most of her fans did, the last two shots are of her in funny poses with a near-duck face, which did elicit a lot of giggle in the comments section of the post.

That said, there were more Instagram users who felt Scherzinger could have timed the bikini serve post a little better, with one commenter that wrote, “Little less vacationing photos while this goes on would be respectful. I love ya, but I’m surprised, especially your roots in Hawaii.”

Scherzinger’s fans weren’t taking it though, as one wrote, “What are you talking about? The last post she made was over a week ago before the fires even started. Also, don’t try to dictate how a native Hawaiian deals with a tragedy that is affecting their people and land.”

The original commenter did defend their stance, writing, “I’ve been a fan from the beginning! I just felt maybe she should have waited to post it in my opinion!” though the back and forth went on for a while.

Others felt her “goof girl” comments also reeked of insensitivity at a time it was needed. However, plenty of her fans simply appreciate the bikini post for what it was, while continuing to keep Hawaii in their prayers. So here goes Scherzinger’s post. Do you think she was being tone-deaf?

Social Media Users Went After Dwayne Johnson Too

Fans begged Dwayne Johnson to do something for Maui fires

In a rather similar vein, fans were after Dwayne Johnson as well, wondering why when Jason Momoa was busy trying to raise awareness via his social media. Why was “The Rock” being as silent as one?

Johnson, however, is the kind of person to do and tell, given that he recently made a significant donation to SAG-AFTRA as well, keeping the amount under wraps. That said, given his massive 388 million strong Instagram following, Johnson did finally make a statement on his social media, writing, “Heartbroken but our faith and mana is strong.”

Meanwhile, as Jason Momoa recently reposted, the heartbreak simply continues. “Investors and realtors” are reaching out to the people in Maui whose homes burned down, offering to buy their property and make some more money out of human tragedy. WATCH!

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