Nicole Kidman’s niece isn’t bothered by the ‘Nepo Baby’ label

Nicole Kidman’s niece Lucia Hawley has embraced her new baby!

If his words are to be believed, the journalist-in-the-making expressed his disinterest in feeling guilty about coming from a privileged background in a recent interview. The update comes not long after she landed an enviable gig as a red carpet reporter for E! network.

One of Lucia Hawley’s biggest worries isn’t being called “Baby Nepo.”

Despite trying to make a name for herself as a journalist, Hawley claimed she has no problem coming from the prestigious Kidman family. In an interview, she candidly shared her thoughts on the months-long “nepo” baby talk Women’s daywhere he said:

“If this is the worst (sic) thing they say about me, so be it. I would never deny my privilege, and in fact I would fully hold my hands up and say, “Yes, I am privileged, I come from a really privileged family, and I am very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way because of it.” “

Nicole Kidman's niece Lucia Hawley isn't bothered by the 'Nepo Baby' label
Instagram | Lucia Hawley

While she hasn’t ruled out opportunities involving Kidman, the 25-year-old admitted it’s the best she can do repo baby claims “I have to work hard and make a name for myself and prove myself.”

Before explaining this, Hawley said she was surrounded by “powerful” women, including her mother – Antonia Kidman – who set her on a career in television. His greatest inspiration was his mother, who raised six children despite having to switch work to law.

The 52-year-old previously established himself as a television presenter and journalist, hosting shows such as ‘The Little Things’, ‘Cleo Bachelor 2002: Real Men Revealed’ and ‘From Here to Maternity’.

Antonia shares a daughter with the late August Hawley, who died of a heart attack in April 2015 while on a business trip to New York. Augus and Antonia walked down the aisle in February 1996 at a ceremony attended by her big sister Nicole and her then-husband and actor Tom Cruise.

The union eventually collapsed in May 2007 and Antonia decided to stay with their four children – Lucia, Sybella, Hamish ‘Hamey’ and James – at the family home in Greenwich, Sydney. The former couple continued to shoulder the responsibility of raising their children until Angus’s unfortunate death at the age of 46.

The television presenter has since remarried and said ‘I do’ to Singaporean businessman Craig Marran in April 2010. The duo have two sons, Nicholas and Alexander Norman Kidman Marran.

Keith Urban stunned his award-winning wife for being the one and only

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at the Los Angeles premiere "The Northman" - Los Angeles

Nicole and her beau, Keith Urban, have been called “couplegoals” by several fans since their whirlwind romance that began in 2005 ended in marriage a year later. In fact, for Urban, nothing he’s accomplished in life can top his marriage to the “Eyes Wide Shut” actress.

The 55-year-old praised his wife for being his “greatest achievement” on Reba McEntire’s “Living & Learning” podcast in December 2021. The singer claimed he had no “specific goals” before meeting the actress because he wanted to live. simple life in nashville.

But that changed when they married in 2006, as the ‘Aquaman’ star gave her the courage to stop drinking and get sober. Never one to shy away from praising his wife for being “the one,” Urban told Dax Shepard and Monica Padman in a 2020 chat that Nicole’s presence meant that “not only did everything change, it had to change in me if I take this path. “

Per The Blast, the “Somebody Like You” singer added that her romance with the Oscar winner has exceeded her expectations. Fortunately, love is one-sided, as Nicole highlighted how much she appreciated her man in a 2021 birthday tribute.

For the move, the ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ star took to Instagram to share a picture of her and her husband frolicking in the sun on what appears to be a ship. Although the view behind them was stunning, the real star of the picture was the kiss the actress placed on her man’s temple with reckless abandon.

For his part, the “Blue Ain’t Your Color” artist held his wife tightly and closed his eyes to enjoy the moment. Beneath the image, Nicole wished her “love” the “happiest birthday” along with three cakes and a red heart.

More than 240,000 people liked the post and nearly 3,000 commented, and many wished Urban a fabulous celebration.

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